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New basketball court in Carolina Beach causing some hoop-la

The Carolina Beach Town Council has budgeted thousands of dollars to build an outdoor basketball court, but some residents are not at all pleased with the proposal. The new basketball court has not been officially voted on yet, but just the idea of it has at least one resident very concerned. Paul Feldman said during these tough economic times, the $20,000 budgeted for the basketball court should be spent on a senior center, a new library or something to stimulate the local economy. He said since the town has had to make budget cuts in all its departments, the $20,000 dollars should be put to good use, and go toward keeping the town safer. Feldman said, “When the economy goes bad crime increases; that’s true for Carolina Beach, it's true for New York City, so it's not a time to start cutting police services, but this is actually the time they should be possibly increasing police services." The Carolina Beach town manager said the basketball courts could stimulate the local economy, but that no definite decision on whether to build the courts has been made. There is a public meeting on the proposed basketball court Tuesday night at 7:30 at the Carolina Beach Town Hall.

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I think the kids should be encouraged to play pick up games. It promotes physical fitness and the Wrightsville beach court doesn't promote delinquency. I personally couldn't afford the fees to get in their tournament but it's still a nice place to play. All I know is my boys can play as good or better than those preps.

I dont think that this is

I dont think that this is fair. Your going to give the money to the seniors that already lived through their childhood and leave the kids with what? Give them something to do! The other outside basketball court is all the way in kure beach. Keep the kids off the streets!!

Feldman is an idiot. By

Feldman is an idiot. By providing youth a safe activity to do it will help the local community. Instead of these youths being bored and trying to find something to do, like break into your home, it will give them a chance to do something positive and productive with themselves. What exactly will an old's folk home do....or how will a new library help anyone?


How will that build a senior center or library? Either way that cash could be spent on something that benefits all not just kids. New fire equipment, police equipment?

What a clown....

The 'Town Manager' of Carolina Beach is an incompetent clown. Every time he opens his pie hole he just exemplifies the stigma of southern hillbilly. Would someone please explain to the nut job that a free public basketball court WILL NOT stimulate the local economy. Those things only attract slackers, and that eventually turns into a crime area, like a drug zone. Fire this moron. Stop wasting my property tax dollars on his salary.

I'm a scary slacker...

How old are you and what decade do you think this is? LOL@you! Who calls anyone a "clown" anymore? I literally spewed something I was drinking when I read "Those things only attract slackers." I don't think anyone has used the term slackers since 1995. I can just hear you when you leave your house: "Look out Maud, those teenagers over there look scary!: Also, you're supposed to capitalize Southern. Not knowing this makes you exemplify the Northern Guido. For that matter, I didn't think Carolina Beach had any mountains so how could he be a "hillbilly?" Those terrifying basketball courts also get people moving and exercising - something that's critically important when those terrifying young people are growing and developing. Take a look at the obesity problem in America. Carolina Beach isn't just God's Waiting Room. There are young people living there. For those who say that this court won't help the economy - how about the contractors who will be paid to build it? They'd disagree with you. Also, what about even a small cost to use the court? If it's nice enough, people will put down a couple of quarters or a dollar to use it. I once lived in an area where the tennis courts cost a small fee to play and the municipality paid for the courts with those fees.

CB outdoor basketball court

CB already has a rec center with an indoor basketball court for all people. I agree this isn't the time to spend $20,000 for an outdoor court. Yes our youth are the future so invest wisely. I was raised on CB during the 60s-70s & remained thru part of 80s, 90s & 2000. I've seen a great deal of changes thru the years & I believe CB can do much better with their budget & projects that are constructed. CB can be a place where everyone can live, work & play year round but I just haven't seen much in our councils/mayors in the present or past having the vision to make CB environmentally & economically prosperous. Granted I did have to move off the beach because with the increase in taxes, insurance & the infamous water bill that was increased again so the current mayor & council could receive a raise during these tough economic times. Goes to show you how thoughtless that decision was towards the residents of CB.

Let's get real. If you

Let's get real. If you provide recreational programs and facilities, you keep kids off the streets. If they are not provided, Mr. Feldman will just complain that the youth are running amuck. If you are comparing feeling safe in CB and NYC, you could clearly could use a reality check.

Look around

at the other parks with basketball courts. The goals are bent/broken and the ones that want to use them can't because of the drugs and violence they bring. Give the money to the police to get thugs off the streets.

That's just ignorant why

That's just ignorant why give to the seniors instead of the children. Yep, my guess is he is from the north also.

Typical Retiree

This is so typical of retirees in this area. While I can't say it for sure, I would care to bet Mr. Feldman is from the north wanting to keep the area a retiree only zone. Well guess what, if it were not the for youth in the area there would be no future for economic growth. Fixed incomes rarely grow the economy, and how exactly would funding going to a senior center help the economy???

I grew up at Carolina Beach

I grew up at Carolina Beach and I played basketball every free second I had. It eventually earned me a scholarship to play in college. The only public place to play up until 1994 or so was the police station’s indoor gym, but it was very rarely open. My parents were well off enough to build me an outdoor basketball half-court, but I was one of the very, very few. If I didn’t have basketball when I was growing up I would have probably been hanging out at the boardwalk or some other unsavory place getting in trouble. I imagine that could be the case for a lot of the youth at Carolina Beach. If this out of touch senior citizen is so worried about crime, giving the youth a place to spend their time constructively would help achieve this goal as well as relieving his worries of chasing the kids off his front lawn. Parents who would welcome this project should mobilize and picket outside this guy’s house as well as attend the city council meetings, but like most town issues, they probably are unaware of the opposition due to poor communication from their government.

Ball court

I think the problem for Carolina Beach is our retiree's forget that many young people live on the island also, there is not much for these kids to do except the skate park there used to be amusement parks they are gone so more houses could be build, growing up on the island was fun for me there was plenty to do night and day but not now, we need more condo's .I don't think we need a senior center there's already to much for the old folks to do now lets gets something for the young folks to do, so they want get into trouble with the courts for being bore to death.

Put the basketball court AT the senior center

We'll stimulate the local EMS/ambulance economy.