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New bill filed for film incentives

Last week we told you about the effort to raise the state's film tax incentives, or tax breaks given to film production companies, from 15 to 25 per cent. State Senator Julia Bosmean, a democrat, had filed a bill to do just that. This week Senate Republican leader Phil Berger filed a bill of his own, leaving the credit at 15 percent and placing a $500,000 cap on the amount of salary money eligible for that tax break. The bill would also restrict the state from giving tax credits to any movie that is rated NC-17, as well as require producers to provide the state with a copy of the script for review.

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We don't need THOSE kind of jobs

We start letting them Hollywood-types move in and bring their money to our fine state, why, next thing you know they'll be sending bonafide "Ellen" types to the state capitol in their pants suits and short hair. How's that gonna look at the Capitol City Club?

The film industry is one of

The film industry is one of the biggest money-making industries in Wilmington, keeping thousands of locals employed. If Berger doesn't realize this he's an idiot. I have had the privilege of working in many different fields of the film industry and can tell you that (not always, but for the most part)it has been an enjoyable and exciting experience that pays more than most places in Wilmington. We need to do all we can to keep this business thriving and attracting movie makers to Wilmington. I'm not saying we need to give more money to the rich, again there is a large percentage of locals working for Screen Gems, fincanon, ect. Movie stars and producers are not the only ones getting paid. We need to keep them all working. More and more of our local film employees are traveling out of Wilmington, even out of NC, to find work. We need to keep them here. Many will disagree about what is/is not appropriate. Hound dog, one of the most recent controversial films to come to Wilmington, had a lot of protest against it, as well as support, I personally know many people that were employed to make the movie. Has anyone heard who was hurt to make the movie? Not me. Just because a movie is made here doesn't mean you have to watch it. If you think its inappropriate don't watch it! Not every one will agree with you. Maybe when our economy isn't hurting so bad we can be more picky. I'm not saying we should set our morals aside to make money either but allow us to have the freedom to choose our owb morals and form our own opinions about a movie. Bosmean has the right idea and I support her 100% in this.

film incintives

i think this sort of bs this senator is barking about is nothing more than some bogus attempt at getting his money from the christians. to me the movie business is worth a 25% kickback. there are several people i know making good money doing things most people would only pay half for. not that they pay taxes or anything but still it doesnt hurt.


What's strange about Boseman's opposition to the limitation is that she supports tax incentives for the video game industry in NC but, unlike with the movie industry, she supports limitations on the incentives based on rating/content of the video games produced. And this is the bill itself: Anderw

video games, as in video poker?

Do I read this right? Boseman wants the video poker industry to receive tax credits? And Julia, who is to say what is obscene or not? You? What a joke this woman is!

Im still against it

Im still against it. I hate incentives. Even when they are so cute as this one is! Oh how funny! Sen Berger is my hero! Take that Julia and all your labor union, over paid, unemployment scamming friends.

You must be against money, as well

Do you even realize how far-reaching the film industry is? I've met people from abroad who have come here specifically for a "Dawson's Creek Tour." Everything from car rentals, to hotels, to tax rolls, to individuals benefit directly from the local film industry. If you don't benefit directly, it's certain that you do so, indirectly. If more jobs go to Canada, or any other place, you'll lose money. Is your partisan hate so strong, that you'll cut off your nose to spite your face? Let's make sure that Wilmington keeps one of our positive aspects, the local film industry. p.s. I don't work in the business, but I do benefit, indirectly.