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New business possibilities in Columbus County

Some good news from Columbus County, new businesses could be moving in. A county commissioner tells us that a New York company is eyeing Columbus County's Southeastern Industrial Park to build a sweet potato french fry plant. This would mean 54 new jobs over 3 years if the plans become a reality. Also the hardwood floor maker, J.L. Powell Company, wants to expand; creating 5 new jobs. Public hearings on both grant projects will be December 1, 2008 during the commission meeting.

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Columbus County

We need way more than 54 new jobs here or 5.. do you realize the unemployment rate here in Columbus County? this town is dead, our children will be forced to move away to find work when the are old enough to work. What is the government doing to help? creating more jobs? not here.

A new plant with 54 jobs is

A new plant with 54 jobs is better than nothing, and there will also be at least temporary positions related to the construction. What are the elected officials in your county doing to promote the area to prospective business? If your country has an office of economic development, as part of their job they should be "shopping" your area via the internet and other resources as a place with room for industry, low cost of living, available work force, etc. If they are not doing this, perhaps it would be a matter for discussion at your next county commissioners meeting. This and offering tax incentives to get a company to relocate is about all that the government can do to create jobs. That's why I think it is laughable for political candidates to claim they will create jobs and lower unemployment. That only happens if they are the one on the phone "selling" your area to a company somewhere, and that's not likely to happen.

I hate to rain on your parade, but....

...if you're waiting for the government to create jobs, you'll have a long, LONG wait. They can establish a business-friendly environment to attract interest, they can negotiate favorable tax incentives to lure industry, but it's really up to the private corporation to decide if they want to locate in your area or not. A simple fact of life is that when you lose your job or when you're young and first looking for a job, you may have to move. The job likely won't come looking for you... ...but I wouldn't worry too much. Obama has a plan....