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New charges filed against Maisenhelder

There are more charges against a local karate instructor. Last month, John Maisenhelder was arrested on three counts of taking indecent liberties with a child as the result of a joint investigation between Wilmington police and New Hanover County deputies. Tuesday, he was served with four additional counts of taking indecent liberties with a child. Few details are available about those additional charges, but we do know investigators encouraged parents and children with concerns about Maisenhelder to come forward after his original charges were announced. There is no change to his current $40,000 secured bond. Maisenhelder bonded out shortly after the initial charges were filed.

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Karate instrutor

So it took two years and ALOT of press and "questioning" from our local "peace keepers" for some parents to find out that your child had been inappropiatley touched. Like it has been said many times before when this all started...Show me the proof! Then let him be judged if it's true. But if it is not true and this turns out to be just a witch hunt...his life is over. He'll never be able to teach karate again...especially girls...and I wouldnt blame him. Innocent until proven guilty!

witch hunt ???

witch hunt ??? Don't think so bud - its on video - so there is the proof- What more proof could there be ???

get educated

If you knew anything about predators and how they groom their victims you would know that a lot of times the child doesn't realize that they are being molested for an old guys sexual jollies. They are not always touched in the "bad" places that the kids know about and sometimes the kid is too young and has no idea what is happening. A slight brush of the hand is enough for some pervs and the kid didn't even notice. Molesters are most always a relative or trusted friend, someone that has access to the child on a regular basis so the perv has time to build a "trust" with the child.


I agree with your point completely, but it does raise the question of is a simple "brushing of the hand" wrong only if it causes the accused some pleasure? When does it become wrong? There are a lot of ethical gray areas when you take it down to so fine a point.

sure are

Sure are gray areas. Guess we have to wait and see just what the accusers say on this. We do not know how far it went. Molestation comes in many forms not just the sex acts adults practice. Sad.


Maybe the kids were scared to come forward because they thought that no one would believe them because of people like you who blindly trust the accused and don't want to believe it could happen. Maybe he threatened them, who knows. But I rather have him kept away from my kids until it is straightened out.

Karate Instructor

Would you be so supportive if it was your child??? I think not!!!!!!!!!!!

re:Karate instructor

Bet the person claiming its a witch hunt doesn't have kids. My personal feeling is if he is found guilty ..I hope the judge throws the book at him.

Karate instructor

Innocent until proven guilty...nothing more to say!

Karate instructor

As a matter of fact...which is something media so often lacks...I do have a girl who took karate from this very instructor...and he NEVER did anything inappropriate w/ my child. Maybe "witch hunt" was the wrong term to use...but everybody just believes what they read and see in the for the video...who has seen it...not far I know only the Police and lawyers and who believes what their interpretation of the video is...not me...I just want to see the video for myself...then I will say...If he even comes close to what was stated in the complaints YES... throw the book at him and then some and I'll thank God that he didnt do such things to my child. But if the video shows nothing that even comes this point that is a mute point...his life is over! there is no getting it back. You will not see that on the front page or will you not see it on you local news...because it is not news worthy. So I believe I am educated and not so naive to believe everything I read or see in the media.