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New electronic vehicle inspection program

A new electronic vehicle inspection program began Saturday. Now vehicles that undergo an emissions or safety inspection will no longer receive a windshield sticker. The inspection will be synchronized to be due the same month as the vehicle's registration renewal each year. The cost of safety-only inspections has increased from $9.10 to $13.60. The cost of emissions inspections remains $30.

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Inspections??? Emission

Inspections??? Emission Testings??? What a rip off!! GREAT! now that i move to NC from TN, i am going to have to pay for inspections when its just a way for the state to get more of our money. On top of it all, state income tax??? what another rip off!! NC must be hungry and greedy! NC state officials sure could learn a few things from Tennessee!!! where there are no emission testings or state income tax!

If you go to and

If you go to and click on the vehicle inspection link over to the left, it tells you all about it. You can get your vehicle inspected up to 90 days prior to the date your registration expires and you have to get it inspected by the last day of the month in which the registration expires, or they will block your registration and charge you fifty dollars to unblock it. You do not have to get your vehicle inspected more than once in 12 months. If the inspection is due now, then go ahead and get it, and the inspection will expire 12 months from now plus the time it takes to get back to your registration expiration date. So, inspection due now, and tags in say, 4 months? Your inspection will last you sixteen months. They recognize that it will take over a year to get everyone in line. There are so many people who never get inspected and they say this should increase compliance. In other words, the fine is greater for dead plates and registration because you did not get inspected than it is for just not getting inspected.


So... What about if our inspection date is a different month than our registration? Does that means I have to get my car inspected by the end of this month and my registration is up at the end of September, so next September I have to get my registration and my inspection done at the same time, cheating me out of 2 months?

You will not have to have

You will not have to have your vehicle inspected more than once in a year. So if your inspection is up this month you must get an inspection, since your registration is up less than a year later you will not have to get your inspection again at the time of registration renewal. So actually you will get a free year of inspection.

Let me guess, a

Let me guess, a Democrat? You have to get it done anyway. We're just..."redistributing" the registration process.


really isn't cheating you out of anything as you would have had to have the inspection done that year anyway...there is a website you can go to that will tell you what you need to do when you enter the months of your inspection sticker and license expiration.

"It" sure would have been

"It" sure would have been nice of you to list the website. As for the question Driver had, it was a legitimate question. Example, my inspection is due in December but my tag is due in February. I would be getting ripped off since I would pay for an inspection again in two months. Vote the Dumbocrats out on Tuesday so don't have to put up with more and more and more governement telling us what is best for us. That is NOT what our forefathers envisioned, fought, or died for. Lets take America back on Tuesday before it's too late. Put the Republicans back in charge of congress so we can turn this around!!!!