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New federal budget does not include dredging

Fishing, charter and diving boat operators in Carolina Beach know how important it is to have navigable inlets. Last week, the House of Representatives came up with an estimated $18.5 million dollar federal budget for coastal projects in southeastern North Carolina. That funding, however, does not include dredging shallow inlets by our local beaches. These inlets are the one way tourists and boating vessels can gain access to towns like Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach. Cape Fear Divers Captain Guy Carleton said, "We navigate in and out of the inlet via a series of buoys, and it changes periodically with the shifting sands. So without a dredge coming through there, a big storm comes through and pushes the sand out there. It makes it extremely difficult to navigate through there." The federal budget is still just in the preliminary stages. Representative Mike McIntyre hopes the Senate can add funds for such dredging projects.

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This past Sunday at the Carolina Beach marina maybe 3-4 boats were out. All the captains will tell you that folks are unable to afford to pay the increase in fees to take a fishing trip & the boaters are finding it increasingly difficult to pay for the high price of fuel. Might as well let the inlet close up since most of us are unable to afford to go fishing anyway. Fishing is one of my favorite pastimes, I love to go out to the gulfstream but haven't been in at least 3yrs. With the increase in EVERYTHING I'm unable to even afford the fishing license. Us low income folks have been kicked out of what we enjoy the most.

Both sides have valid points

There are two simple facts that should dominate the issue of dredging: * Dredging the ICW and ocean accesses North of the Chesapeake brings the government hundreds of millions in tax revenue. Dredging South of the Chesapeake is a money loser. It costs far more than it brings in * That fact not withstanding, the people South of the Chesapeake still depend upon the ICW and ocean access. They need dredging. I believe the fairest solution is to split the costs between the states and feds. The feds should be responsible for dredging the ICW. The states could then decide on the number of ocean accesses they desired. Of course, that's the SECOND best solution. The best solution would be for both the feds and states to get OUT of the coddling/carrying business, and end the free lunch wealth-redistribution programs that refuse to hold people responsible for their own lives. If we didn't blow billions on TANF, Medicaid, SCHIPS, school lunches, etc, we might then have some money left over to maintain our infrastructure....

no charter business anyway

The charter boats aren't going out this season. We can't fund essential service this year .It's time to stop subsidizing boaters and recreational fisherman. Let them pay pay their own way for a change.

Let the boaters that benefit

Let the boaters that benefit from the dredging pool their financial resources to pay for the work instead of the taxpayers that don't use the water.


Do you mean the users should pay, kind of like they do the soccer fields in New Hanover County?

Unfortunate reality.

I have to agree with you. If the beaches and waterways are truly that valuable, then they need to be self-sufficient. It's time for people to become less dependent on good old Uncle Sam to cater to their every desire. The sooner we can become government-independent, the better off we will all be. It might be a good time to set an example for the rest of the country to follow.


I agree. I have always had a problem with this. Not only dredging but how about bike paths? Let the people who ride bikes pay for them. And how about childrens playgrounds? I do not have any children so let the people who do pay for them. How about schools? let the people with children pay for them. How about greenspace? I do not want parks and open space in New Hanover County, why do I have to pay for it. I could go on and on but hopefully you get my point

You missed the point

My conjecture was not whether states should fund public projects, but rather, let them do just that, on their own. Do not rely on the federal government for what your state "needs". The government has gotten much too large and inefficient to effectively provide these types of "handouts". If it makes economic sense for North Carolina to have nice beaches and waterways, then we should pay for it ourselves. My point was that we need to rely on "us", and not rely on pork-barrel special interest spending which is usually tied to a totally unrelated spending bill (funding for George's wars).

Let the boaters that benefit

Well, let's see if boaters are paying for dredging. Boat property taxes..... Trailer property taxes..... Boat registration fees....... $15 salt water fishing fees.... Gasoline and Diesel fuel taxes.... Marina slips taxes....... fishing gear taxes........ Hotel and Motel occupancy taxes....... Food and beverage taxes...{in addition to regular groceries} I think if we kept the money here in the first place, we wouldn't have to get Mcstupid to beg for our own money back from Washington. Maybe if we kept some on the money we spend on educating stupid johnny, who was stupid in the 3rd grade and still is stupid after graduation because of failing schools and teachers that have ABSOLUTELY NO ACCOUNTABILITY, we would have the money available. But nooooo, redlight cameras, the education lottery, and our property taxes continue to grow, and we continue to hear about the plight of teachers. The politicians all clamor for more money for teachers. It's never enough, even though at best we get sub par results. No wonder people educated in public schools believe boaters don't already pay enough. Believe me, people that hunt, fish, and enjoy the great outdoors pay their fair share already. As a matter of fact, we relieve the burden on our brother citizens by paying more than our fair share. And what do we get in return? Boat ramps that are few and far between. If we're lucky they are paved. Most are rock and gravel because the state uses our tax dollars to pander to every aspect of our society. Yeah, we pay enough, if your not satisfied, we will gladly accept refunds.

RIGHT ON !!!!!!!

RIGHT ON !!!!!!!

Here , Here ! Well Stated

Here , Here ! Well Stated SBU , Amen !


very well said