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New Hanover, Brunswick Counties see more drunken drivers

NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- Some disturbing statistics today from state Highway Patrol: there are more drunken drivers on our roads here in New Hanover and Brunswick Counties than most other counties in North Carolina. In fact, drunken driving arrests are up 28 percent in our two local counties over last year, which also means the number of alcohol related accidents is up 12 percent. Sgt. Holmes with the Highway Patrol says officers are trying to send the message about the dangers of drunk driving to the next generation of drivers. "We have a lot of vacations, a lot of people coming to town, out of town, not in their hometown to do things they would not ordinarily do," Holmes said. Holmes said the Highway Patrol is working to cut down on the number of DUIs by visiting schools and drivers education classes to try and teach students about the dangers of drunk driving before they even get behind the wheel.

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Drunk drivers

I have arrested many drunk drivers over the last 11 years. I have seent the laws change for the better but when you have lawyers looking for anything to get a drunk off, it's sickening. The ridiculous problems NHC had with the DWI form with the magistrate was a joke. That information has already been provided to them one time during the process with the chemical analyst. Just another reason to dislike what a lot of lawyers stand for. If youre driving drunk, you go to jail and you pay. Bottom line. That's in a perfect world.


Couldn't have said it better myself

SHP can't send the message

Only the legislature and courts can do that, and they are failing miserably. Until we get serious about drunk driving, and come down like a ten-pound sledge on those who do it, they'll simply keep driving, whatever their condition. We pay great lipservice to being oh-so-concerned about drunks in cars, but when it comes time to get tough we wither and wilt like the pansies we are.

i agree with the post above

i agree with the post above to me if they are so worried about it they would sit at the bars to, an bust them as soon as they get in their cars

That's still a joke

I know of someone that has had 3 DUI's and now has his DL back. The only catch a breath analyzer in his truck that any moron can blow and it cranks. GO FIGURE!!!!!!!!!! He gets drunk, and the idiot can pay any idiot to blow it and crank the vehicle. BELIEVE ME someone will...