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New Hanover busing schedule could be affected by budget cuts

Budget cuts will likely have an impact on New Hanover County's busing schedule. The new plan is not in place yet, but it will force the county to be more efficient with the bus routes. The county needs to reduce mileage and costs. As a result, some students in New Hanover County may have to face a 2-part bus trip, making a connection on the way to school.

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New Hanover busing schedule could be affected by budget cuts

I agree with guest #916 all the way. They should slowly get rid of bussing. Just about all parents do take their kids to school, and for the ones that don't they do need to get off their butts. That's one of the responsibilities that comes with having children. They don't have their kids ride the school bus, because of crime, which I can agree with their thinking totally right there. When their kids get high-school age, they somehow buy them a car, they think that they themselves and their kids think they are too good to not have one evidently. I feel a lot of gas is being wasted. And for the parent's that aren't already doing their part, they need to step up and be more responsible when they choose to have children.

What about the parents that

What about the parents that don't have time in the morning because they leave before thier childs awake and what about the parents that can't afford a car for thier kids? Also don't you think more gas would be wasted if all the highschool students drove themselves to school?

Judging from the number of

Judging from the number of cars and suvs that are clogging the roadways adjacent to the schools during the early morning and mid afternoon, I would say that most people are driving their kids to school anyway. Why waste the money on bussing. Try carpools!

Get rid of bussing period

Get rid of bussing. If you want your kid to go to a certain school, get off your tail and drive them there. Save taxpayers money. Stop bussing.

However, we can afford 6

However, we can afford 6 thousand dollars for a trip to california. Hmmmm, that would buy an awful lot of gas.

When I was a kid in school I

When I was a kid in school I walked to the neighborhood elementary school and got on a bus for the Middle and Sr. High Schools. It cut down on costs. If you lived more than 2 miles from a school you were then picked up by a school bus. Also the county school system had an agreement with the City Bus Company to run school routes for a special price ticket for students.

These kids are not going to

These kids are not going to walk. A while back I was behind a school bus in Brunswick County and it stopped 6 times in less than 1/4 mile.