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New Hanover Co. ABC pays thousands for attorneys


WILMINGTON, NC - The former ABC Board for New Hanover County paid more than $100,000 to a pair of private law firms over the last two years despite having attorneys on the board and access to the county's attorney - reports WHQR-FM in Wilmington.

Invoices from the county show the board paid attorney George Rountree and the law firm Yow, Fox and Mannen at least $102,000 between 2008 and the present.

The former board resigned over reports of huge salaries and raises for top executives.

New Hanover County Manager Bruce Shell stepped in as interim Chairman and says Rountree's firm was used in an ABC zoning issue that began in 2008 and that he ended Rountree's services shortly after taking over.

"My call, from a board standpoint talking to my other two board members, was to put it all on hold and do a thorough evaluation of the property. And therefore I did not need the services that had been hired before to continue that. I could do that on my own."

Shell says Yow, Fox and Mannen had been the general legal advisors for the previous board for a number of years.

He says it will be up to the new ABC Board to decide whether it wants to pay for outside attorneys.


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Imagine that.....What ever happened to the investigation of the practices of the former administrator and those of the former board? I certainly hope that the interim board of the county manager and the county attorney looked into the prior situation like they said they would. Actually all of the investigative work product is and should be public to be released to and covered by the newspaper and local TV. Actually was Mr. Culbreth (former board member) a former member of the Yow law fire? Were those services bid on, contracted out or just funneled for political connections? WHERE IS THE INVESTIGATION OF VIOLATIONS BY MR. WILLIAMS? TO WHAT EXTEND DID THE FORMER BOARD KNOW OF THEM. The scandal continues.....

Anyone know what ever happened

To that cowardly crook of an ABC administrator we used to have?

He should be sitting in jail somewhere. Not for his salary, but for the underhanded crap he facilitated while in that position.

Billy = Bill = William.

Would that make him William Williams?

Billy Williams top 5 pension in ENTIRE STATE OF NC!!!!!!

This is some of the work Mr Rountree did for the Board and Mr Williams out of the pocket of TAXPAYERS right to King George. As reported in the local Star-News, Mr Rountree was posing for this open meeting to occur---until he or someone else smarter realized how "dirty" Williams and the Board was and they BACKED DOWN and never told the truth in a public hearing.

Billy gets the 5th largest government pension IN THE ENTIRE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA---nearly $200,000.00---plus benefits. George gets fat on being the bully and taking legal fees on these and other related fiasco's in local government entities (how about George being deeply involved in the disasters in the UNCW men's basketball coaching carousel in the past 5-7 years?!) His credentials for UNCW basketball apparently involve him playing college basketball in the 50's (George, did you shoot underhand set-shots and running one handers against all white competitors?!) Seems like everything he touches turns into an image nightmare for Greater Wilmington...George, can't you retire on all your lawyerly acquired monies?! Avoid being taped on local Government TV, such as when you RUINED the "Cape Fear Future" commission TV event with your disjointed and disconnected-from-reality comments regarding fair compensation in the public and private sector. A mess indeed. Stay away from the ABC, stay away from UNCW men's basketball PLEASE, and stay away from Cape Fear Future when you are nothing but a dinosaur and reminder of Cape Fear Past!

Please review Mr William's pension racket and the legality of what those Board guys did to set it up..come on DA Office, you must still have ENERGY LEFT after your lazy hand-slap of Rusty Carter! What a joke. But worse that nobody is bringing charges or calling a grand jury to examine the local ABC fiasco?

Mr Rountree's payments from NH County ABC Operation

This guy Bruce Shell is a trip. Says they paid King George III for helping with the ABC real estate fiasco, and that was it. But wait. George was the public voice of the ABC Board when they tried to intimidate The County Board into standing down from their examination into the unethical and immoral behavior of the ACB Board members and Mr Williams, who are all part of the Goerge Rountree good old boys club. After losing his stare-down with Jason Thompson, George then wrote the letter explaining how the Board members would resign due to the "misunderstandings" that had arisen among taxpayers. Thus, Mr Rountree was a central figure in ALL OF THE PROBLEMS associated with the ABC, and he misrepresented ALL OF THE FACTS that had to be painfully brought to light one scandal at a time (thank goodness for the local media's willingness to take on Wilmington's power base of good old boys like George and Billy)---each one bringing further dishonor to the whole stinking mess that was NH County ABC. He STILL thinks nothing was wrong with ANYTHING these old guys did. Will he get more taxpayer dollars if the DA Office brings charges against Mr Williams and the Board for their treating the ABC Board like a private cartel? Oh yes, what about it DA Office...Bruce says nothing was TOO broken. Sure. Bruce was county manager throughout their lawless behaviors and remains a fan of the Williams regime and the Strongman Mr Rountree. Mr Shell needs to be fully examined for his role in allowing the regime to operate above the law, and then letting them off way too easy in his role of leading the investigation into what went wrong! It's like being allowed to audit your own tax returns!!

There obviously were

some things going on that cirlce of people that need to be investigated. Unfortunately I don't think anyone in the position has the spine to go after them. I can think of several instances that warrant a second look