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New Hanover Commissioners won't wait long on sales tax increase


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County Commissioners won't wait long to vote on a sales tax hike approved by voters back in May. The county Board of Elections will meet July 16 at 8 a.m. at the Government Center to certify the vote. Commissioners have scheduled a public hearing on the quarter-cent increase at the same time in the same room.

Meanwhile, former Commission candidate Justin LaNasa says he plans to continue his appeal challenging the May 4 vote to raise the tax.

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thing that tears my toot on this that it is ALWAYS this way with government from local to federal..instead of SPENDING THE MONEY THEY HAVE WISELY...its ALWAYS...OH WE'LL RAISE TAXES...sure would be nice to walk into MY job when I start running out of money and say..HEY...I GET A RAISE TODAY! TORKS ME OFF and I'm going to vote against EVERY FLIPPING INCUMBENT in Nov

Raising Taxes during an economic downturn

What a shame the Government here in New Hanover won't leave the tax base alone. It's enough to have to pay taxes on everything you buy, fees for everything, high living expenses and high education costs as well as federal taxes for everything.
We do not need more taxes but new jobs!

New jobs would increase the monies coming into the county and city's without charging the everyday joe blow who can barely afford to eat, the extra tax burden because gov. workers want more pay. I say kiss the freedom in the US goodbye as long as we have democrat run government...Northerners move here because they can afford to live and then turn around and push for more taxes and gov. based programs and higher salaries for gov. workers.
Shame on the people who want to increase taxes on our already overtaxed society!