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New Hanover County Animal Control holds another Dog Court

Every month on WWAY we take you inside New Hanover County Animal Control's Dog Court. The dangerous dog board heard one case last night; a dispute between neighbors who live in a development off Carolina Beach Road. Deborah Mitchell reported her neighbors, the Thompson’s, after their two dogs ran away from their property and attacked her smaller dog, which was tied to a tree. The board found the Thompson's dogs not dangerous, saying it was an isolated incident with the dogs getting away from their owner. "We've been educated that if something like this does happen again, that it's more than prudent, and to be a good neighbor we do need to report it," said Mitchell. Mitchell said this was not the first incident she has had with her neighbors' dogs and will not hesitate to contact animal control in the future.

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Tie her to the tree and see

Tie her to the tree and see how she likes it.

I thought you could not have

I thought you could not have your dog tied to a tree in New Hanover County. I have been told it is a $250.00 fine. Did she get a fine? Was she out with her dog at the time?

FYI- the dog that was

FYI- the dog that was attacked was tied to a tree and the owner was outside with the dog! The other dogs in question, were off leash and not under their owners control. They went 2 houses away and attacked the other dog. I guess you are blaming the owner of the dog injured because she didn't let her dog run loose?