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New Hanover County budget released

READ MORE: NHC budget cuts affect Cape Fear Museum
New Hanover County's budget for 08-09 is nearly one million dollars less than last fiscal year. That means county commissioners had to cut back. Perhaps the largest cuts will be to Airlie Gardens and the Library. Directors of both said they got what they were expecting and that the cuts probably won't hurt their organizations. The county also increased budgets for the Sheriff's office and the schools even though schools didn't quite get what they requested. County budget manager Cam Griffin said tough economic times are taking their toll on local government. "That's what's impacted our sales tax, obviously the cost of fuel has impacted us also and the cost of fuel has impacted us, so, we're going to have to monitor everything carefully as we go through the next year," said Griffin. Another significant budget cut was the Cape Fear Museum. It lost more than $40,000 in county funding.

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Good Job

The county commissioners deserve some praise on this one...responsible action for the residents that demand such. It's tempting to only criticize, so let's also recognize the positive.

Can anyone explain exactly WHY....

...the county felt it necessary to buy Airlie Gardens? Strike that question. (Why does this county feel it necessary to do half the whacky things they do?) Let's deal with the here and now.... Here are two options that the voters should DEMAND the county explore: (1) Make the gardens self-sufficient and self-sustaining through admission fees and concession sales. If the five dollar admission price isn't cutting it, raise the admission price. No tax dollars should be used to maintain this facility. If it can't support itself, then.... (2) ...put the gardens up for sale to the highest bidder. Perhaps a private firm can make the gardens a profitable enterprise. If not, perhaps the gardens need to go and be replaced by two-hundred coastal McMansions. That would be sad - we would lose a true gem, but that would still be preferable to soaking the taxpayers every year ad infinitum. The bottom line is that every level of government needs to realize that government is not supposed to be Daddy Warbucks, and if we don't stop playing Santa Claus the nation is going to come crashing down around our ears. We have bridges collapsing in this country while the federal government is subsidizing National Parks to keep entry fees ridiculously low. The state is making temporary (we promise!) tax increases permanent and looting the highway trust fund so that we can fund childcare for community college students. The county is handing WAVE over $100k to pay for fuel because we won't tell WAVE "Raise your fares!" Every single person in this country needs to start paying their own way and carrying their own load. That directly translates to every single non-essential government endeavor being able to pay its own way. User fees are the way to fund the nice-to-have attractions. If the county wants to keep Airlie Gardens, then the county needs to figure out a way for Airlie Gardens to pay for itself!


How much of our tax money is spent so someone can have enterainment while our sewer system, roads, and bridges are falling apart? It is not the taxpayers responsibily to provide free parks and soccer fields and such so someone can be entertained for free.

Hello, lottery!

Don't give the teachers a a dime. The lottery is supposed to do that. Goofy voters, I swear. Educational monies from this "deficit" should be for something other than LOTTERY MONEY PROMISES> Promise me now, voters, you are going to vote the commissioners out? Right? RIGHT??

Ditto!!! Let the state

Ditto!!! Let the state lottery do as it was supposed to do and designed to do and quit inventing more taxation disguised as necessary taxation. We got the lottery...let it do its job!!! Maybe the taxes from the lottery have gone else where as the road taxes have...ya think?