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New Hanover County Commission joins plaintiffs' lawsuit against insurance hike

New Hanover County is now part of the growing list of counties officially opposed to an insurance rate hike for homeowners. On Tuesday, the County Commission voted to join the list of plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the State Department of Insurance. As it stands now, insurance premiums for coastal homeowners will go up nearly 30 percent. That's why New Hanover County is joining more than a dozen other coastal counties, suing the state to keep that from happening. The complaint has two basic claims. One: that the insurance board didn't follow the right procedures to raise the premiums...especially by that much. Two: that the rate hike isn't fair because it raises premiums for people who don't live right on the water. And what's more, those folks who live in other parts of the state, like Raleigh and Charlotte, may also get storm damage, but aren't facing the rate hike that we are. Kemp Burpeau, Deputy County Attorney, said, “That's one of the constitutional challenges is that until you can really document that there's a justification for the coastal counties to having the higher rates; it’s not fair to impose that rate.” New Hanover County contributed $10,000 to the lawsuit. A law firm hired by Dare County is handling the suit for all the counties involved. On a local level, the New Hanover County Attorney's Office will be reviewing filings and documents. It will likely be a number of months before the case would go to trial. The insurance hike was expected to go in to affect May first. The lawsuit has put that on hold.

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File A Complaint!

The rate increase hasn't passed yet. All I know is these insurance companies use scare tactics threatening home owners insurance cancelation if you dont agree to an increase. And If you sign the form that they mail saying you agree to the increase they use it to take to the commissioner to raise the rates. That is wrong. Everyone in NC should go to your regional insurance commissioners office (located in New Bern on Commerce Drive)and request a complaint form to file a complaint. You can also find a complaint form on this website. More info can be found at Please file a complaint. It is a scam in my opinion. It is wrong to raise rates on people especially when they live inland when the economy is in the shape that its in and everyone is hurting.


Thank GOD that Jonathan Barfield is on the County Commission.. You should thank HIM and your Wilmington Realtors Association/MLS Board of Directors, and Mr. Jerry Panz for fighting for the Wilmington People!! (And of course the rest of our Commissioners!) These will go to any lengths to see we don't get screwed by the Dept. of Insurance who has violated in essence, our civil rights and liberties!!! I have seen homes in Raleigh with MORE damage from hurricanes than the homes in Wilmington, who since Fran destroyed all of our pines that posed threats were destroyed FIFTEEN years ago! Folks, this is money and greed in the central and Western part of our State trying to force the coastal areas to pay for all of THEIR insurance claims. Talk about fraudulent. THANK YOU NEW HANOVER COUNTY COMMISSIONERS and The Wilmington MLS Board of Directors!!!!!!!!!!

what I like

I have never had a hurricane claim in the 15 years I've been in my house but my rates have consistently gone up while my coverage has gone down. I have Travelers and they dropped my wind and hail damage so I had to get a separate police through the state. I noticed after they dropped some coverage my rates stayed the same. Love it, pay more and get less.




But only because they all live at/near the beach and they do not want to pay the rates either. Self preservation and all.

Thanks Co. Commission for fighting for us

It's too often that we speak down about our local government (I'm guilty of it), but seeing that New Hanover County Commission has joined the fight against the insurance hike is clear proof that someone out there is working for the people. I hope now that our state government (and if necessary the federal government) will get involved. I own a house in Wilmington (the mainland) which has experienced Hurricane Diana, Floyd, Bertha, Fran, Bonnie, etc. I've never experienced hurricane damage nor have I ever taken a claim. It's obvious that the insurance hike is aimed at New Hanover County in an unfair manner. They should not only have to re-address the hike, but there should be an investigation into the people involved in the passing of this.