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New Hanover County Deputies Off to Inauguration

New Hanover County Sheriff Deputies have safely arrived in Washington D.C. They were selected along with other law enforcement agencies across the country to assist and support with the Inauguration of President-Elect Barack Obama. The deputies will help out the D.C. Metropolitan Police Force, as well as federal and state agencies. Due to the high security precautions of the inauguration, specific details cannot be released regarding the whereabouts or duties of the deputies while in D.C.

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What an idiot

Gun Shoe is an idiot....he acts like the NHC deputies are the only ones going. Does he not realize that there are about 90 some other agencies that will be there as well? Does he really think that by having a different agency go instead of ours it will make a difference on his taxes? If you have such a problem with our Sheriff, then do something about it. I believe the next election for the Sheriff is in 2010, put your money where your mouth is and run for office.

Money down the drain...

So what in the world are these deputies going to do there? I mean, except for wasting taxpayer money?

Until then...sit down and shut up!

The DC area is inundated with people during this special inauguration, I have frends that live there. They asked for NHC for a reason. You people below have nothing better to do than sit down and belly-ache about how your taxes are spent and how our Sherrif is so unsuccessful in his duties. Your direct statements are direct proof that you know absolutly nothing about the working of any order of law enforcement in this area. They called on NHC for a reason. A reason you are likely completely ignorant to. If you want to make a difference and change what you believe is so wrong, then go run for sherrif, city council, county council or any other office where you can make a difference. Your incessant whining and complaining about people and agencies you know nothing about will get you nowhere....So run for an office or devise another method to achieve results that may be to you liking. Until then, sit down and shut up...we don't need to hear your complaining!!!!

I have another

I have another method....hanging people on the courthouse lawn. Proved to be pretty effective 150 years ago.

Been there done that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With a 32 MILLION DOLLAR budget Mr. Causey ought to being giving us a BAIL OUT. Just look at the Sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona. He puts the costs back on the criminals right where it belongs! Good Ole Sid doesn't do anything but try and win the public's approval. Whoop Tee Doo!!!!!!!!!!!! You all don't know the real story. Look deeper and you'll find out. Those of you that don't complain are the ones that are niave. If you all want to give your money freely and loosely then go right ahead. I have the right to gripe and complain because I have the right to be heard by the great rights of the constitution. You know the right to free speech. Or are you all stupid. Of course Sid has the permission of our great and powerful county commissioners. You know the rubber stamp people. Oh well keep thinking that God Ole Sid has our best interests at the fore front! (I have some property to sell you in the mojave desert.)

Great Use Of Tax Dollars..

Waaaa.. Waaaaaa.. Waaaaaa.. Quit Crying. I'd gladly contribute my tax dollars and more for this historic event.

Obama Fan!!, nobody is stopping you from paying more taxes

If you want to cough up the cash for this like you said , I am certain that the folks down at the New Hanover County Tax office would be more than happy to take your money. Go ahead. Knock yourself out.

And why are they doing this?

And why are they doing this? They don't need the NHC Deputies! Keep in mind the federal government is paying our Officers to be there. And whos pocket does that come out of? OURS! People seem to be giving a lot of praise to a man who has never accomplished anything other than being a "community organizer."

Here we go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again to the Great High Sheriff we get to pay more money out of our taxes to send Deputies to something that we have absolutly no reason to be at! Mr. Causey (and I use that term very lightly) When are going to get it through your thick head that we are not going to stand by while you charge us the tax payers for your whims! I am sick and tired of you to begin with but you beat all you know that????? The taxpayers are about the most misinformed people of all time! They are the ones that complain but you keep on and on taking advantage of them! From the set up drug busts to the kissing the babies is just wrong! You call yourself a Christian and you quote your mentor's lesson or "DOING THE RIGHT THING" then why don't you do it? Do the right thing that is and just retire? I hope and pray that you don't seek another term and take us to the bank for another four more years!

Be Thankful

Stop crying!!!! You may not have all of the information. It may be that these deputies are going for specialized training in homeland security? Of all places, what a great place to get hands-on training. I'm speculating here, but I wouldn't think their department would send them on a 'whim'. We probably won't know until after the fact... You're absolutely right in saying that taxpayers are misinformed! No one will argue that our money is being misspent in so many ways. However, law enforcement, in my opinion, is not the place to cut back. In regards to your 'set up drug busts' comment... how do you know that?!! Would you rather there be a crack house next door to you? I'll bet that you would be the first to complain if there were! I'd love to know what special information you're privy to to justify that moronic comment. There is no perfect system. You don't have to like it or agree with it, but don't be so quick to complain about things you don't know anything about. I know I am glad that these folks (law enforcement and all service people)have the heart to be serving the community; meaning you and I! You may be in a position one day when you need really them. I hope not.

not quite

Most of your rant is accurate but all the expenses associated with this field trip are being picked up by the federal government, not the New Hanover government. Sure, it is like taking money out of your right pocket instead of your left but the source is still the same. Maybe we will get lucky and king causey will soon retire as promised.