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New Hanover County gets bad school bus inspection

READ MORE: New Hanover County gets bad school bus inspection
NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- New Hanover County has some of the worst school bus inspection scores in the area. So what are school administrators doing to improve the school bus safety? Right now New Hanover County has two mechanics to repair school buses. This month they plan to hire one more mechanic to help out with repairs and triple-check what the other mechanics have already inspected. Every year the state performs random inspections on ten percent of school buses in each county's fleet. For New Hanover County's latest state inspection nine of the 18 buses checked didn't pass and had to be taken off the roads until fixed. The county's assistant superintendent of operations says there is a reason so many buses needed repairs. Operations Assistant Superintendent Bill Nance said, "If you compare the driving conditions in our area to driving conditions in other counties they are much different. We are more urbanized and we have a lot of congestion and traffic and stop and go with our buses." Some of the problems with the buses were fuel leaks, leaking water pumps and exhaust leaks. "There are some things that need to be fixed, but I would not consider them safety issues unless they go unchecked month by month," Hance said. Hance says there is no reason the problems found at this years inspection by the state would have gone unnoticed month by month, that's because the state requires each county to check every one if its buses every 30 days. "The buses in New Hanover County are safe and the inspections that are done are done on every single bus every single month," Hance said. Even if some of the buses don't pass state officials still say New Hanover County provides a safe way to get children to school. Each month, every school bus in every county is required to go through a 42-point inspection. Columbus County also scored below the region's average on school bus inspections. Pender and Brunswick Counties both scored above average.

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Bus Safety

I guess NOT only Some of the problems with the buses were fuel leaks, leaking water pumps and exhaust leaks. There are some that has BAD BRAKES. I mean You can hear Metal scraping Metal. They think that is NOT a safety issue. Well when My child is in one of those buses and for some unknown reason it wrecks Then they are going to have a LOT of lawsuits on their hands and are going to be wondering WHY??? From NOT only by me. But by A LOT of other parents as well. Just my thoughts and opinion on the whole deal. I have already had two dealings with the local bus garage for two other reasons so far this same school year.

I drive a bus for a school

I drive a bus for a school system, and They do not have this type of problem.....When the bus drives see they are having a problems with there bus, or what not they notify the bus garage, or even pull over on the side of the road and notify them on there cell phone, and they send someone out immediateluy,a nd if the mechanic thinks that they should take the bus in tot he garage they call another mechanic to come and bring another bus, and if the mechanic is able to get to the bus that day, and work on it they will, but if not it might be two or three days before you get the bus back, but i will say this when we get out buses back from the shop they are right....

What I consider to be a TRUE



What I want to know is this - How is it that a bus breaks down in the morning, leaving my children at the bus stop for over 30 minutes and then that same bus is put back on the road that afternoon only to breakdown again leaving them stranded at the school causing them to be over an hour late getting home? Another question I have is why were we not notified of this issue? We had to call the school to find out what was going on and find out where my children were!

NHC Bus Inspection

how on earth can Bill Nance say that he would not consider fuel leaks,leaking water pumps and exhaust leaks SAFETY ISSUES!!! Apparently, someone out there is NOT doing their job. Would Mr Nance ride his kids around in the family car if it had an exhaust leak??? I think not.

Sorry! No money for school buses.

We have really nice soccer fields, instead... This county spends money like drunken sailors, just not on anything important.