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New Hanover Co. looks to expand Castle Hayne Park


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County is considering expanding a public park.

Last night, commissioners talked about buying land around Castle Hayne park off Parmele Road.

They have until December 16 to purchase the land for a price of a little more than a million dollars. That's three million less than expected in their budget.

County parks director Jim McDaniel said expansion would add an entrance off Castle Hayne road, which would keep visitors from having to go through a neighborhood to get to the park.

County Commissioners will vote Monday whether to approve the purchase.

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I think they really need

I think they really need more free parks and a skatepark out that way. Kids need more constructive things to do these days. Pender county needs a good park or two but this wont be so far away.

It's Just Not the Time

Until the economy turns around, and unemployment rates improve, it's just not the time to purchase or build a new park. Period.

How about adding a basketball facility for young youth?

I find it mind blowing that Wilmington, NC is mostly famous for having one of the biggest superstars to ever play basketball (Michael Jordan) but yet there isnt a free large facility where kids can go and play basketball, we have football parks, too many soccer parks, baseball parks but no basketball parks??..we have a lot of talent in the city but kids are limited to certain areas..I give props to Northside Baptist Church for building a free center for young youth to visit but thats only one facility in Wilmington that is open to the public for basketball..

Wrightsboro baptist also has

Wrightsboro baptist also has a new center that is open for basketball to the public.

New Hanover Parks

Seems to me there are more than enough parks in New Hanover county. This is more waste at a time when the county, or any county, does not need it.


Where is this property? Is it near the SuperFund Site in Castle Hayne.
How big a property is it for $1,000,000? What other properties were considered. Where is the in-depth reporting????

With real estate values falling drastically, PUT OFF this purchase for at least one year...OUR money will go a whole lot further!

Foot The Bill Yourself

No,No,Heck No!!! Dynamic my but t. Good Stewarts? Try irresponsible spenders. Most working class folk are too busy trying to earn a living and pay astronomical taxes than have play time at a NHC park. If we did have the time, just try to gain access to Ogden Park, it's loaded with South of the border folks playing soccer. Let those who want to! Time for a tea party in this area.