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New Hanover County Man in a Battle With His Homeowner's Association

READ MORE: New Hanover County Man in a Battle With His Homeowner's Association
NEW HANOVER COUNTY--Eddie Gilsinan is in a tight situation. he lives in Whitney Pines sub-dividion and works for Phillips Towing Service, a company that assists emergency crews in removing cars from crisis situations. When he's on-call, he brings his truck home. According to Whitney Pines homeowner's associtation guidelines, he can't park it there. "It angers me, it really upsets me," Gilsinan says, "I feel that I pay for my mortgage and I should be able to do what I want with my property" The guidelines state that commercial vehicles are not allowed to park there. Gilsinan faces a one hundred dollar fine per day if the truck stays. In an effort to have the rule changed, he took his situation to the streets--asking neighbors to sign a petition to change the rules. "Out of the 21 neighbors that I spoke with, 20 of them signed it." Gilsinan says. Alan Sundy lives across the street and signed the petition. "I don't have a problem with it at all it's not an eyesore." Sundy says. Even so, the association denied his request. HOA guidelines state 90% of the neighborhood has to agree to amend a rule, just for the board to even consider changing it. A representative of the Whitney Pine's HOA issued this statement. "Remember that these associations have been set up to help the communities achieve their goals. Often these goals include safety, security, protection of assets and improvement of property values. these are goals worth working for." Gilsinan Says he doesn't plan to follow the guideline. "I'm going to keep on bringing my truck home," Gilsinan says, "This is my livelihood, this is the career path I chose to go through and I'm not going to change it just because a board has denied my request." Gilsinan wants to warn people to read the fine print before joining a homeowners association.

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HOA- I agree with them

You are right, everyone should look at the fine print before moving into a neighborhood with an HOA. I moved from a neighborhood full of junk cars, commercial vehicles and some unkept homes into an HOA neighborhood BECAUSE of the fine print. I read the rules before I moved there. They are exactly what I was looking for. So,I don't feel sorry for Mr. Gilsinan. He should have read the rules before he bought his house and if he didn't like them he should have moved somewhere like my old neighborhood. It's not a question of right or wrong here. It's just what you prefer based on your lifestyle. So as far as I'm concerned, Mr. Gilsinan should follow the rules or move. I'm sure there are rules that other people in the neighborhood might not like either, but EVERYONE has to follow them. What if one guy decides he just doesn't feel like cutting his grass for the summer? Where do you draw the line on exceptions?

did he not know the rules

did he not know the rules before he bought? if not thats his problem. put on your big boy pants, build a bridge and get over it


one suggestion. never move into a neighborhood that dictates what you can do on your property....including going to the can! sell your live amongst a bunch of nazi dictators!

fine example

This is a fine example of "big fish in a little pond." The HOA think they have a the authority to push people around. Fight 'em and tell 'em where to go!


Yeah...that is REAL good advice. I tried that once...didn't' work out for me at all! You see...that little HOA Restriction book...its tied to my says that I AGREE to follow those rules...signed by me, my wife and the lawyer I signed it in front WILL get fined...TAKEN TO COURT...the judge looks at YOUR SIGNATURE and basically...asks what your problem is...then you are LUCKY if the HOA works with you to pay off the fees you have incurred for breaking the rule...realizing you were wrong in the first place...OH...and in my case the restrictions say I have to pay for the HOA's lawyers fees if I take them to court and loose....It would have been cheaper to follow the rules....

What BS, I live in Whitney

What BS, I live in Whitney Pines and there are plenty of other things the HOA should be paying attention to rather than picking on this guy. How about all those people that don't cut their grass or pressure wash their house? This isn't Landfall, working people live in this neighborhood. Keep the area clean, upkeep your yard and your house and leave this guy alone.


For all those out there that think the truck is an eyesore, you have your thoughts. Let me be the devils advocate. If I parked my Ferrari in the driveway that had advertisement on it for where I worked would the neighbors be mad. What if I worked as a plumber and had a van, What about construction workers with tools hanging off the truck. Please people like I read It is Whitney Pines for God Sake. Operable vehicle in driveways do not lower the value of your house. If your value is lowered by a vehicle in the driveway then let's all put Flatbeds in our drive way to lower our Dang TAXES. Enough said.


SOUNDS to me like the HOA JUST got full control and is TRYING to get the NEIGHBORHOOD into compliance. I am SURE he isn't the ONLY one that got a letter. You guys better think LONG AND HARD about the commercial vehicle thing...go ahead and pass thing you know you will be trying to sell YOUR home and your neighbor will have his tree trimming equipment in his front yard and there wont be a DARN thing you can do about it....Better be careful what you wish for...the SAME rules that keep those trucks out are the same rules that keep your neighbors in line with their yard, noise, etc.

I think that if they are

I think that if they are going to enforce this rule about the truck, then they need to enforce all of the rules of the HOA.

little mans syndrome and HOA

wow... I was really looking hard at that area for a new home. Well not now. We are a new family looking at a family neighborhood. That is not what I was lead to believe about this neighborhood. I also drive a unmarked commercial vehicle. Guess that would not be allowed also. Sounds as though the "new" board has what is know as "little mans syndrome" and has picked one guy to pick on to make them selves "the big man on the block"


First of all what is such an eyesore about a truck. I think all of you need to sit and think for a minute about everything you have. It was brought to you by a commerical vehicle. You need to back off this man and let him make his living. I live in a place with HOA and I drive a large tractor commercial vehicle. I pull containers out of the port of wilmington. I went to my HOA and asked permissision and we made arrangements and I park in front of my house. My truck is not an eyesore. Everything you have and own and want but dont have yet was or will be brought to you by a commercial truck or vehicle. Remember that!!!!!