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New Hanover County puts off layoffs

New Hanover County employees will have to wait another week to find out if they'll keep their jobs. The county had planned to announce layoffs to make up a $3 million budget deficit by today. A county spokesperson says officials will need more time to figure out how much money still needs to be cut to make up the remaining deficit. The county has already cut travel expenses and offered early retirement to eligible employees. Layoffs could be needed to fulfill any remaining budget gaps.

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Putting off

Here they go again putting off what they should have done weeks ago. "A county spokesperson says officials will need more time to figure out how much money still needs to be cut to make up the remaining deficit." This just goes to show you they can not do any type of job in any type of orderly fashion. Haven't they been working on this budget for weeks? Oh, ya they are county workers. That means they only have to be in the office 8 hours and out of that 8 hours they only work 25%-50% of the time. Little advise, get rid of the managers, supervisors and the people that have been working for the county for over 15 years. Time to bring in new people. The current "old folks" have gotten too comfortable and fat. So many people are looking for jobs if they get qualified unemployed people then when they do a job I'm sure they will excel a lot more then the current folks.

Government workers

I'm sure there are some people in every industry at every job who are slackers, but I think your blanket characterization of government workers is unfair. Most of these people work MORE than 8 hour days (they have to -- there is a hiring freeze & they are having to do more than one job now) or due to budget constraints there is no money to pay overtime for hourly workers. Most of these people are also paid MUCH MUCH less than anywhere else. And most of them are taxpayers, too. Where else can you work where you actually pay part of your own salary with your taxes??? The one main benefit was supposed to be job security. You are much less likely to be laid off in government work, but you probably will never get rich at it. And also, all these people hear all day are negative comments from the citizens they serve. People seem to forget that they are just trying to do their job (and keep it). Staff members work under the direction of the commissioners or councilmembers. Maybe there should be a sort of jury duty for all residents to serve as a government employee for a month...