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New Hanover County ranks third in state in DWI's

READ MORE: New Hanover County ranks third in state in DWI's
North Carolina ranks sixth in the country in alcohol related traffic deaths. Too many happen this time of year, after holiday celebrations. That's why a group came together this morning to show how just a couple drinks can have a big impact. Z107.5 DJ’s Tina and Foz are drunk. Tina said, “I have probably had no lie, about seven beers and about six shots.” Ellie Craig of Front Street Brewery said, “These days we really don't want to think about the amount of alcohol that we are consuming.” But this gang says you should, especially during the holidays, when alcohol is often present. In an effort to keep people from getting behind the wheel wasted, the radio crew partnered with Front Street Brewery and WPD's traffic unit for a drinking experiment. WPD officer Larry Zettelmaier said, "It's scary. The number of DWI's in North Carolina is scary." Officer Zettelmaier reported New Hanover County ranks third in the state for DWI's. “If you're going to drink, for god sakes don't drive. Take a taxi, get a designated driver.” In North Carolina the legal limit for alcohol consumption is a blood alcohol level of .08. To show how easy it is to reach that level, each person drank the amount of alcohol they would normally drink during a night on the town, then Zettelmaier had them blow into a breathalyzer. All of them were over the limit. This guy's level climbed over .23, nearly three times the legal limit. Tina said, “It's just not, you're not good, it's just not cool to drink and drive.” Of course if you plan to drink, have a designated driver or call a cab.

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Do you know why?

Because this is a college/Summer party town, and North Carolina is a joke when it comes to punishing a DUI. Put some teeth in the law, start with an initial fine of $5k, start sending the people racking up their second and third offences to prison, and they'll think before they get behind that wheel.