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New Hanover County recycling center reopens

A New Hanover County recycling center that closed down will reopen thanks to a strong show of support from area residents. The county shut down the recycling center in front of Lowe's Food on North College Road last month, after residents in a nearby apartment complex complained of litter and noise. But there was backlash from people who relied on the facility as a drop of spot for their recyclables. The county's solid waste planner said he got more than 400 phone calls asking to put the center back. “Public outcry was unbelievable. They show their support for recycling. They were very upset that we removed the containers,” said Lynn Bestul. Before the containers return, the county will build an 8-foot fence to reduce the amount of noise and litter. The center could reopen by the end of April or the beginning of May.

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Why is the county building the fence

Why is the county building and paying (I assume) for the fence? The recycling bins were there prior to the apartments and it seems to me that the complex should be responsible for the cost and the building of the fence to protect their property since it was their complaints that had the bins removed in the first place.

I couldn't agree more...the

I couldn't agree more...the complex itself should pay and build a fence on their property. I wouldn't do this (maybe I would) but I thought about throwing my trash on their property in protest of them crying about the recycling center


Exactly, why isn't the complex paying for it?

recycling center

I like the idea of haveing a recycling center. Why does'nt Brunswick county have one? We have as much recycling stuff as New Hanover county proable more because we are bigger.