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New Hanover County School Board opens public forums on redistricting

The task of figuring out where some New Hanover County students will go to school next year resumes at Tuesday night's school board meeting. Students have to be moved around because the new Holly Shelter Middle School opens next year. The board will schedule public forums around the county for people to voice their opinions on the three proposed middle school district maps. The school board meets Tuesday night in the Spencer Board Room at 6:30 p.m.

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Why Not???

Instead of making children change schools, why not make teachers change schools in the name of "Higher Education"

Not a good idea

Right now I go to Emma B. Trask Middle School. From my house to school is 3 miles far. But i've been assigned to Holly Shelter Middle School next year and from home to were school is it is 8-10 miles far. So think they need to think about transportation.


Sounds like you might do better at Holly Shelter. Just a wild guess...

I remember

I remember back in 90's when I had to go to DC Virgo all the way across town when I lived near Cape Fear Hosp. That area wasn't even City annexed then. Think of all the money waisted transporting students that far. I'm not familiar with the school districts in New Hanover County now, but back then you didn't typically go to the closest school because they where trying to evenly match and mix races at each school.

you dollars at work

This is a fine example of school board not thinking. WHY in the world would you bus a child from Myrtle Grove to Williaston? and they want to cut cost.. the lotto money is for more schools and repairs. 17% of it is. 70% of the money for this so called EDUCATIONAL Lottory goes back into the lottory for prizes. That is how they are allow to give away 10 new cars,??? Add on to the schools we have or build new ones. Maybe stop building houses in areas that can't handle the traffic or schools... Some times I wonder if the people that are on the school board that work on these things. Had their funds cut and was left behind.... ???? THINK HERE PEOPLE.

Middle school redistricting

You have to look beyond convenience and look at the bigger picture. How can putting 80% students with free and reduced lunch in one school be effective? It is important for all children in New Hanover County to succeed, not just the ones at a few select middle schools in the county. Also, Myrtle Grove is overcrowded right now because schools that did not make AYP were offered the right to transfer there. So, we are busing children from the far away districts to Myrtle Grove now and overcrowding that school because the schools with high numbers of disadvantaged children aren't making AYP.


what your that middle class children are SMARTER than other children? Are you saying that one race is smarter somehow? I'm confused... Explain to me...exactly HOW is moving children from other locations going to HELP the children at those schools...explain it to me...

It sounds to me like she's preaching....

...the typical Socialist rhetoric. They can't STAND the fact that poor people live in poor neighborhoods, with the resulting consequence that the nearest schools will have a concentration of lower income students. She's likely one of those people who think that 99% of the government's efforts should be directed toward making the poor richer and the rich poorer. After all, who wants a chance to succeed or fail on your own when we can all be boringly mediocre?


Depending on how you look at it, yes generally middle class/upper class children are going to be more intelligent. NOT because they are middle or upper class, but because they have better opportunities and parents who can afford the best for them. Not across the board, but a fair generalization I would say. Has nothing to do with race or class, it is though to a degree who much money you can spend on your child in terms of education, tutors, etc... Granted there are always exceptions to the rule on both sides. Stupid kids no matter who much money you spend and brilliance from a low socio-economic student.

I disagree. Money has far

I disagree. Money has far less to do with it than say a parent or parents who simply take an interest in the kids lives. Parents don't need a dime to ask their kids how there day went, what homework do they have and can I help/check it. They need to let the kids know that they are aware of everything that they are doing in school and compliment them on positive achievements. They also need to address any negative behaivors on a daily basis. Having extra money for tudors is great, but most schools offer after school tudoring almost daily. I work with families and kids and the biggest dissapointment is when kids tell me that they don't care about their grades or suspensions because their parents don't care and don't ask. I can't tell you how many times I asked a parent if they saw a report card and they say "nope" and walk away. Parenting doesn't have to cost a fortune, just your time and energy. By the way I have seen a lot of rich kids whose parents don't spend any time and they are in the same boat.


They are building a new one. That is why they have to redistrict. Also, schools have nothing to do with where people buy property to build their own personal housing, and people can choose to sell the property they own. I understand your frustration by all means, but these aren't valid options.

middle school redistricting

NHC board of education is building a new middle school in the middle of nowhere (actually in the middle of the only heavy industry zone this side of the Cape Fear River). I sympathize with the Echo Farms parents and their concerns about their children being bused to Williston. This distance, however pales in comparison with the 13+ mile trip that children who reside in the NE portion of NHC will have to endure if/when forced to attend the new middle school on Holly Shelter Rd. There is no whining here - residents of this part of the county were told that our 2005 bond referendum money would be used to build new schools along the Market Street corridor. This what we get instead. BTW, have you checked the economy lately? Selling a house to move to a different district is just not an option anymore...

I agree

I am well aware of the economy. My comment was in reference to the one above it. I can also understand any parent not wanting to bus their student a great distance. I for one am in favor of neighborhood schools. However, there seems to be little consideration being given to the people who actually benefit from the new school. I can't imagine that they feel that they are "in the middle of nowhere". Those families have had to endure being in the same position you object to now. Redistricting is based, in part, on location and capacity. And schools are built where the land can be purchased and manage to stay within the budget. Change is often a difficult thing, and not everyone can be happy about it, but I think that some people aren't acknowledging the positives here. I can't help but think that it wouldn't matter where the school was built, or if it was gold plated, there still would be people who wouldn't be happy or be able to see past their own agenda. The lesson learned should be to understand what the "corridor" entails before voting on an issue.

I agree

I agree everyone will not be happy with change, So should it not be the task of the BOE we voted in by majority to do the best they can for the majority which would be local schools. Also why do they not add to the current school buildings and make room. I think most if not all the schools have the property to increase the building size. All of Wilmington will continue to grow with more children in the future. Plus it is cheaper than buying new land and building from the ground up. GO LOCAL!