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Parents, teachers discuss sex ed

READ MORE: Parents, teachers discuss sex ed
How much should your child be taught about sex in school? That was the question parents and New Hanover County administrators dealt with last night. New Hanover County Schools' Family Life Education teachers met with families to discuss two sex curricula last night. The first course, "Sex Can Wait," is a course that focuses mainly on abstinence. The second course called "Stepping Stones to Better Living and Responsible Decisions" promotes abstinence, but also ventures into contraception and deeper discussions about sex. Parents had mixed reviews about the choices. Parent Ginger Richardson said, "If my son came and asked me questions about certain things I may not know about it." Richardson said times have changed since her day, and she's not prepared to answer her son's questions. However, Denise Merritt doesn't feel the school should educate her child about sex. Merritt said "She's learned things that a twelve year old has no business knowing." She said she believes it's the parents who should be teaching their children about sex, and that information shouldn't come from other people. But Jane Emma, a New Hanover County Life Education teacher, said, "Parents often times don't feel comfortable talking about sex education at home." Parents can choose the course they want their child to learn and neither course is mandatory. Parents also have the choice to opt out. For those who do, educators offer this tip for parents when the birds and the bee's question comes up: "Be open and honest with their questions," Emma said. "Answer what they asked you and don't go much beyond that, because you need to be within age appropriate response."

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Then Opt Out

If they don't like it then have their kids not take the class. I think if the parents do opt their kids out of this class and then the kids end up having a kid as a teenager then they shouldn't be able to rely on the city/state to help raise that kid. I don't feel this class will stop them from having kids, but at least they'll be educated. There's already too many kids having kids and then once they have the kid they don't want to raise it.

Sex Education

I think that parents and the school system should be responsible to teach our children about sex. I have spent a lot of time teaching my daughter about it through answering her questions and reading age appropriate literature to her. I think that sex education at school would only reinforce what I've been teaching her at home. Lord knows I wish my parents and the schools would have tought me a thing or two about it.

Thank you parents

After watching this on the news last night, I was glad to see parents taking an interest in this issue. I was also glad that there were parents who said no to this. It is not the schools place to teach these issues. It is hard enough to get in the regular curriculum without adding other things. There are parents who don't want to take the time to teach their children, but that is their duty and their failure to do so will come back on them.

You have to think that there

You have to think that there are alot of parents out there that are sorry or they are uneducated there selves so teaching this in school is not a bad thing. I like the idea of them telling you in advance so you have the option of takening them out if you do not want them there. Its a good thing.


Offering courses that focus on not having sex is a nice idea but in reality it is only spreading unwanted diseases and pregnancies to our area and country. There was an article on this week that highlighted a recent study that 1 in 4 teenage girls from ages 14-19 in america have some sort of STD. Many of these diseases are untreatable and fatal. So are classes on abstinence working? its a scary world with many very harsh consquences for actions that our young people deal with daily. Students should be taught all of information at a young age. Other states in the US teach sex ed in middle school and I mean real sex ed. In my humble opinion sex ed should be offered early and often. Any parent who wants to shelter their children from it had better foot every penny on the bills that come from the hospital for delivering the baby and all costs afterwards or every cent spend on treating or controlling the diseases these kids get.