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New Hanover County tax increase

READ MORE: New Hanover County tax increase
If you live in New Hanover County, the tax news is not good. Coming off a financial short fall, county commissioners decided today that the difference is coming out of your wallet. If you own a home, and pay taxes to the county, your taxes are going up. County commission chairman Bobby Greer says this was not an easy decision, but given the lower budget this year, it just has to happen. "I don't think anyone wants a tax increase. I don't want one. But then again I think people expect the schools to be kept clean, the parks to have grass cut. They expect when they call the law enforcement or Sheriff's deputy, they expect them to be there," said Greer. The board went back and forth about what the tax increase will be exactly, but after some negotiation, they settled on three-and-a-quarter cents for every $100. Homeowners we spoke with are not happy about this increase. They say with gas prices so high, the last thing they need to worry about is their property taxes going up.

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something for nothing

The county commisioners will find whatever excuse they can to justify the tax hike rather than admitting any fault on their parts. I have heard we need the money for essential services till I'm sick to my stomach. That excuse does not hold water any longer just like the sewer system. Waste not Want not.

Here's what else we expect, Mister Greer

We expect you to stop giving away OUR money to any group that comes walking up with a sob story and their hand out. That ranges from local "homeless advocacy groups," to Cape Fear Soccer, to WAVE. And we SURELY want you to stop giving millions to corporations that were going to come her anyway! Titan NEEDS the Castle Hayne site, because of the fossiliferous limestone deposits and supporting infrastructure present in the area. (To avoid confusion, let me explain. I am pro-industry, but anti-stupid government giveaways. This wasn't a case of a motor vehicle factory, that could locate anywhere, so we bribed them to come here. Titan has had their eye on the Castle Hayne site for a LONNNNNG time, and sweetening the pot with $4.2 million was completely unnecessary.) Were it not for Senora Sob-sister and the Four Fiscal Fools, we could probably be LOWERING tax rates.

NHC taxe increase

They are raising our taxes to cover someone elses huge mistake. Personally I don't like paying for someone elses mistakes. Of course I make mistakes but I own up to it and do everything I can to pay for it-that's what my parents taught me to do. There have been a few jobs where I made a monetary mistake and they took it out of my paycheck. I made the mistake, I was responsible. You bet I didn't make it again. I'm an accountant & I know about budgets, especially my own. Let the public go through this budget with a fine tooth comb & let us have a say to what this county can do without & what is absolutely necessary. First of all we can do without the Titan & their 4.2 million dollar tax cut or the convention center. I bet you we could find ways to cut the grass at the parks for free such as teens or young adults on probation put them to work for free to pay back society. A little responsibility won't hurt you. Change the county trucks to electric golf carts for one thing. Move the AC up to 78 instead of 74. I keep mine at 80 with ceiling fans going & my house stays cool. There are ways our county officials can suck it up & do without.

When is enough enough?

Every year, an increasingly larger percentage of our income goes to taxes. Bit by bit, the government (local, state, and federal) finds excuses to take just a little bit more at a time. Where does it stop? What happens when we find ourselves paying out 75% of our income to taxes? 85%?

County Commissioners

If all of you are so upset with them, why are they still here. Every time taxes are raised, it is the commissioners fault. Have you ever thought that all the citizens and vistiors of New Hanover County cost money. Some one has a problem in there yard or an issue with the county, call WWAY and lets blame it on the commissioners. Why is the problem not fixed? No worry about spending my tax money on yourself. Face it, if it benefits people this day and time, it is fine. If not, then lay the blame to someone else. I a middle class worker and I do not want to pay no more taxes than my neighbors, but, if we want the county to provide the services they provde,we have to pay for it. There was a problem in the tax department, no one else in the world has made a mistake at work. You can't even get the right burger at a fast food establishment this day and time. Get over it. For those that are so against the county commissioners, run for office next time. You seem to have all the answers on the computer, put your plan in actions. I bet there are folks out there waiting to run your plan and ideas in the dirt.

Vote them out...

Thats should be the theme for the rest of this blog--- take names and get rid of them-- this is insane when they know the pump is pinching our pocket. Yea - it ain't that much as someone posted above but thats a pee brain thought because here is how it plays out- its 3.5% this year- All food products are going up due to the gas crunch- gas has not hit the top yet so it will still increase in which 30 cents of that is TAXED--- It is getting to where Average middle class people are doing nothing more than busting the butts for 40 and for alot of us 50 hours a week just to pay the friggin government--- I don't think this is what our forefathers and founders of our great nation intended.... then we have senators who find escape holes to get out of payin.... AGAIN- bottom line is VOTE THIS CURRENT CREW OUT- Lets go over to the high school and grab kids outta senior high- they could do a better job and we could at least teach them accountability for there mistakes lies within personal responsibility.


county commissioners are up to business as usual, that is, being totally incompetant to do the day to day job assigned to them, wasting money intrusted to them, then turning to the taxpayers to pay for their foolish ways, nothing new there,airlie gardens, the fense, built,torn down,stored, etc all at out expense.... is there no one who has any small part of a brain to run for commissioner here

everyone but the government downsizing?

It appears in this slowing economy that families AND companies are forced to downsize and work to become more efficient. Instead of simply raising taxes I'd like to our local government do the same. Instead of buying a new car this year, my wife and I are driving a 15 year old car that doesn't cost as much. I'd be willing to bet that my local government all got new cars, office equipment, etc. I think they should build us a report and hold a press conference showing us that they too are trying to pinch the pennies!


It was stated this was having to be done to make up for the huge BLUNDER they I assume our taxes will go DOWN when the blunder is fixed next year...RIGHT?


I guess NONE of them that voted for it...want their jobs...CAUSE I'll vote against EVERY ONE OF THEM FOR THIS! I am sure I am not the only one either! PLENTY of ways to cut costs and frivolous spending.


Let's hope people who do care actually vote. History tells us that peolpe will complain and let things go as they are, without acting. I wouldn't be surprised if they voted themselves a big raise for doing such a great job.

Local Taxes

No surprise here. Maybe voters will start paying attention to how area representatives spend tax money, and vote accordingly. Yes, the convention center might be seen in a new light as taxes increase. I say: Let's stick to basic services, stop waste, and endorse area improvements we can afford. (Let private enterprise do everything it can first.) Watch out for local taxpayers...after all, we are the bankroll.

Do the math people it is not

Do the math people it is not that much money...


Right... 60 bucks a year, along with 25 bucks extra when I fill up, along with the extra few dollars for food right now, along with the 400 dollars extra for my home owners insurance, along with the extra 45 dollars a month for health insurance....should I keep all exceeds my raise which means I am LOOSING money...

They got to pay for Titan some how

They have got to pay for the money that they are going to give Titan Cement any how. Might as well raise taxes some more and then annex another neighborhood or two. Just wait until you see what the county overlooks in tax estimates next year. I still don't see how they missed the tax estimate when they did it just the year before for that budget. Something smells and it's not just Hewlett's Creek.


Annexation isn't an option right now as the state put a moratorium on it until next year...lets HOPE our elected officials come up with a law to protect those neighborhoods that don't want to be annexed.

Moratorium - No Way

Try contacting your Legislators - sometimes you get the right answers. The moratorium passed the House, but the Senate did not pass it because their recess was more important than taking care of you the taxpayer. According to the response letter I got from Senator Burr, when they reconvene after recess we will have to resubmit the request - in other words, start from 'Ground Zero'. We should all get the message - we are last on their list of priorities. VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!!

New Hanover County Tax Increase

If no one really wants a tax increase, then why was a tax increase approved? The politicians speak out of both sides of their mouths.

Tax Increase

What a surprise...The county's fault that the budget is short, and us homeowners are left to pay for it. Please vote all of these incompetents out of office when the time comes...It will still be too late and the tax hike will have already happened. I cannot believe the nerve of the county to put the burden on us when it was THEIR mistake. I wish that I could come up short on my mortgage and blame someone else and then actually have another person pay the difference. What a wonderful life it would be to be able to just pass the buck.


Last year some knucklehead(s) made a huge mistake in the budget that was not discovered until halfway through the year... Is this tax increase a result of that mistake? Just wondering...


YES, it is!!!!

I would just like to know

I would just like to know where they think the extra money is coming from to pay for these taxes? I came here thinking I could retire, but it looks like now I will be pushed out of this county and city. I am taking names and any incumbant, city, county and state, will not get my vote, and I will do whatever I can to get people on my side. OUT WITH THE SCOUNDRELS

Tax Increase

If you complainers would just vote we could get people in the county commission that hears the voice of the people. These county commissioners are all wealthy, they are not struggling to fill their cars or their stomach. There only concern is how can they get something passed and make the public think it benefits them when in reality they are padding their campaign coffers by donations from companies whom have benefited from their decisions. We as the middle class blue collar worker have the authority and ability if we vote to make major changes. Sweep all of the incumbents out in one massive vote this fall and you will see change, don't and the same old behavoir continues. You have the power use it!