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New Hanover grad among arrested NC State football players


RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) -- A New Hanover High School grad is among four NC State football players facing misdemeanor drug charges after police found marijuana in their off-campus apartment.

Raleigh police say offensive tackle Jake Vermiglio and defensive tackles Markus Kuhn and J.R. Sweezy face several charges. Tight end George Bryan, a former Wildcat, was charged with maintaining a dwelling for the use of controlled substances.

Coach Tom O'Brien said in a statement that he is aware of the situation and "appropriate action will be taken."

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Wy even waist our time with this nonsence. just abought every one in the usa smokes weed. it has never killed any one.
and dont down this coach. every school in every state under the sun have people that smoke weed.
I still cant belive that people make such a big deal out of a plant that has never hurt any one.
the only reson it is against the law in the first place is so the gov. and states can have slaves.
To work the fields, cows, pigs, all live stock ect.
most of the people that talk crap on this plant has never even tried it. they base all thier belifes on what they have heard. and not the facts. before you talk crap. get informed.

Your comment was extremely

Your comment was extremely ignorant, but the other people who replied don't have a right to jump down your throat about it. Marijuana is terrible for your whole body (esp. lungs and brain) and it is most definitely a gateway drug. About the whole government-slavery comment...??? Slavery is illegal and it is not the government who would have slaves anyway, especially not to grow pot.

everyone knows weed is bad

everyone knows weed is bad for you shut it up

No, not everyone does smoke

No, not just about everyone in the USA smokes weed. Some of us not only follow the laws, we also enforce them. I also haven't seen any of the "slaves" you wrote about. Criminals get to lay around once they are locked up. Only in Arizona do they actually have to work.

You my friend, need a

Here's a fact for you...pot may not kill you, but it will impair your cognitive ability...

Your name being Cant Spell...if you know that spelling is your weak spot, get a dictionary man, no one is going to take you seriously with spelling like that!!


From cant spell: "the only reson it is against the law in the first place is so the gov. and states can have slaves. To work the fields, cows, pigs, all live stock ect."

   Really? I must have missed that going on. The only place I know where prisoners really have to work is Arizona with Sheriff Arpaio. Here in NC criminals get to lay around if they desire. Bring back chain gangs and make them work for their food.

   BTW, not just about every one in the USA smokes. Some of us not only follow laws, we also enforce them. Catch ya soon.

"Catch ya soon" that was

"Catch ya soon" that was funny lol

Marijuana nerver hurt anyone?

So you say Marijuana never hurt anyone? How about those that traffick marijuana and are killed so the traffickers wont have to pay them there share? Or the others that are killed because they are selling and are robbed by users that have no money to pay for there addiction. I've actually seen this so don't tell me it doesn't happen! And you know alot of people drink and smoke weed at the same time, for a bigger high, and then drive.....yeah I feel safe on the road. If you buy from are a part of the murder and mayhem. How do you know if your buying form them? You are, unless you grow your own or buy from someone you know grows there own. And alot of users move on to stronger drugs when weed and alcohol no longer give them the effect there looking for. I lived with users in my neighbor hood while growing up and seen the effects of it first hand. While it does have a different effect on each person....there is always a bad effect of some kind stemming from there use. I can tell by your comments you are a regular user and have no clue as to the effect it has had in your own life. You should seek help. But we know you won't because you dont have a problem....everyone else does, right?