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New Hanover High student caught with knives at school

A student is in custody after being caught with knives on school grounds. New Hanover High School went into lockdown early Monday morning after a sophomore was found in the bathroom with knives. Authorities said the 15-year-old special-needs student had a knife in each hand, and held a knife to his own throat. The student was suspended last week and returned to school today. The lockdown lasted about 10 minutes.

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hey i am in that school.

hey i am in that school. it happen on 1st block 3r floor that kid was try to killed that person who tell the cop it was him after he let 2 trash cans on fire is true but now everyone is safe.

Concern parent of a 15

Before everybody joins the band wagon about this kid, lets think about something was this only way this kid could get some help.It doesn't matter if this kids comes from the poorest or richest side of town. It is a child trying to get help.Even if he or she put knifes up to his or her neck. It is help needed, This kid will more than likely get kick out of school and placed into a system that is over load and will get passed onAnd drop out of school. Please I ask each one that hears this story on news just reach out find out what is going on with your neighbor no matter how small help somebody. Listen to them. We are so quick to jump. I hope this kid and the family get the help they needed, And thank God he or she didn't take 1/2 the class out with them. But I hate this person felt so bad they had to do this. I will pray a extra prayer. Lets all do


That was very scary , I sat right beside the door and saw the kid walk down the hallway, and the cop had the gun held up telling him to drop the knifes, at first everyone thought he had a gun. apparently he was trying to get revenge on the guy who told on him for setting the bathroom on fire last week.

what makes you think....

Why do you assume he's triyng to get revenge on some other kid? Did he talk to you or anyone about revenge? Seems to me this kid is either wanting attention or is deeply depressed about something. The fact that he didn't follow through with the knife to his throat shows he has something more to live for.


The only thing that is more dangerous than a mentally unstable child with a knife, is a person that posts information that they pulled from a hole in the back of their body. Your opinion that he was after someone that told on him is only your opinion and not of any factual basis. Before throwing someone any futher under the bus, think of how dangerous wrong information can be. Know the facts before you post. Dont make things worse!


Seems that locking down the school was a bit much, the kid was holding a knife to his own throat. The kid has special needs (which can mean anything from low IQ to MS) but he also needs a lot of professional help. Sad situation.

Are you serious?????????

You think that a lock down was a bit much. Do you have a child at that school? If so, if a lock down was not conducted and yours or someone elses child and/or staff were injured would a lockdown have been a BIT much then?? You have got to be kidding me. How many incidents have to occur at schools for people to get the point? SAFETY FIRST!!!!!!!!!


Till a poster gave more detail like the kid was going after another student that told on him last week etc........... I only went by the info given as I posted down at the bottom of this column. Calm down.

Are you serious

I am very calm. The point that I was making was that you assumed that a lockdown was a bit much. It is always best to error on the side of caution. What would your comment have been if they did not lockdown the school and the student hurt someone? The world is full of "arm chair quarterbacks". Law Enforcement officers have to make split second decisions that can either save or take a life!!

Re: Lockdown necessary

A lockdown was very necessary this child came to school with the intention of hurting the student that told on him. Had the school not been locked down then the knife-wielding student might have been able to get a hold of the kid that told on him or worse get a hold of someone else. When you are speaking about the safety of children you have to take precautions. I would hate to think if the did not lockdown the school and something happened to any of the kids, then what would you be posting to that. I thank Mr. Furr and the NHHS staff for helping to keep all the students safe.

New Hanover co SRO's did agreat job

I want to thank the New Hanover county Sheriff Ed McMahon and his school resource officers for handling this potentially dangerous situation. This child had a knife and is disturbed. Anyone with a lick of self defense training understands a knife wielding individual can cause alot of bodily harm. Not only the Sheriffs dept, but the school faculty should also be commended. My child was in good hands that day.


i agree with the lockdown because you have to keep the other students safe but you have to also look at the staff at hew hanover high school the kid had problems they couldnt see it but they are around that kid everyday they should have known something wasnt right about that kid.i know for a fact the school bored and new hanover high school staff does not help there students when they are haveing problems because i was a student there over 10 years ago i had problems and they lied to me kicked me out of school told me if i dropped out i could come back the following year so i called my mother and did what the staff told me to do then next year came i went back to the school went into the front door of new hanover high school had a cop meet me at the front door with the head of staff and another person from the staff told me i wasnt not welcome to sighn back up for school so i got into gangs drugs and went to jail because i didnt have nothing better to do with my time and yes i do blame new hanover high school and the staff at that time for lieing to me and like i said they dont help students with some serious problems they look over it till the kid does something really bad like this kid did or something else really bad happens like a school shooting or so on but then its the kids fault but no its not.its the staff of the school they get paid to find out whats wrong with the kids and try to help them just like with my case and so many others they look over it and dont see but i think the school needs to get there act straight and start helping the students with major issues and get them some help before something bad happens like it did at Columbine and virignia tech and other schools people really need to think about what im saying and call the school bored and tell them they need to do something for the kids that has problems because it you help the kids they will get the help they need and maybe live a better life and not have no stupid stuff like shootings stabbings and so on go on in the schools and like i said i am a ex new hanover high school student that was done wrong just lucky for me i straightend my life up before something bad happend to me now i got a wife and we have a good life so think about what im saying because the schools dont start doing something for once..there probley will be more bad things that happen thats all i go to say about the matter


With that information I agree. Thanks