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New Hanover High will have fieldhouse renovated

Tuesday night there was good news for one of the county's oldest buildings. The school board voted to renovate New Hanover High School's Jap Davis Field House. The county condemned the building in July, but it was announced Tuesday night that the building can withstand the renovations. New Hanover High principal Chris Furr said, “I think the important thing is to have a facility that is going to be usable for the kids and the coaching staff not just short term, but long term as well.” The school board voted unanimously to a major renovation, including replacing plumbing, electrical and ventilation work. It is expected to cost about $750,000.

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I think it's a great idea to

I think it's a great idea to do a major renovation for that building. It's more practical for me, well, yes, it's very costly, but the thing is, it's better to build it with good materials, rather than spending little on more cheaper and second class type of materials and then after a few years, it will need another renovation. That's more costly in my view.


Our school is already broke enough, Were are they going to get this money to aford to replace everything in this buliding, they didnt even have money to give the upper class mean planners this year... so were are they going to get money like this to fix up this bulidin?.... WOW,

$750k for a SHOWER????

I'm sorry....but spending $750-thousand on a "field house" when schools are scratching to get by is CRAZY!! That field house directly benefits how many students? All in the school...or just those playing football??? You know in Europe they don't have school sports. Money is spent on EDUCATION. Maybe we should stop wasting money on such and focus on education as well? Let these kids go home to shower!! They don't need a field house.....that is a luxury, not a need.

A field house is more than a

A field house is more than a shower. Please know what you are talking about before you write. I am the class of 1973 and used that field house. It should be torn down and built by the local students and instructors. With all the money in Wilmington; please just pass the hat. Come on Chris Furr.

It is about more than just a shower....

Ok-rocket scientist the field house benefits a lot of students at New Hanover, not just the football players. It benefits football players’ yes, but also lacrosse, baseball, gym classes and so on. This is not a waste of money, as the county does make money off of these children with ticket sales and concession stand sales. I am glad you know how to use all caps, but you should also know that athletics benefit a student’s education. Our New Hanover student athletes have higher grades and stellar attendance records. It is so much than “taking a shower” as you put it; it is about SAFETY. These coaches need a location to train these children, get them out of the elements in the cases of bad weather. SO you see it is a necessity not a luxury. Spend time with these coaches, these student athletes and you will see the deplorable conditions they currently face. You will then see what the word NECESSITY is all about.


Finally,someone understands. I play for the new hanover team and I know exactly whats going on and your spot on. Thanks for the support!