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New Hanover kicks off another park project

New Hanover County is getting another park. The county and City of Wilmington are had a construction kickoff ceremony Wednesday morning at Olsen Park off Murrayville Road. The nearly $4 million project will include 32 acres of recreational space, five softball fields, restrooms, roads and parking. The money is from the 2006 Parks and Greenspace bond.

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I am so excited that they

I am so excited that they are finally going to start building this park. We approved the bond 3 years ago & I've been waiting patiently ever since. Those of us who live out here don't have a park and this will be great for our community! Thanks to the Olsen's!


Now wait a minute.. They are cutting back on education but yet they can find the money to do a park.. really makes sense to build a park when athletics are being dropped from lack of money for schools. Is this really the time to do this? or should we wait until we have the money to do this. this would help the 5 million short fall the county is dealing with. Is there really that many people that the parks we do have are over crowded? So now we can say we don't have a good educational program but we do have parks. Smart. They must have went to school here.

Please read the article.

Please read the article. This park is being funded by a previously approved bond that was overwhelmingly supported by the community in a recent election. There is no money just sitting around to "give" to education, or to "waste" on a sorely-needed park space.

Ah, but don't forget.....

...those bonds are being repaid by the taxpayers of New Hanover County. So while it's admirable that the county has not diverted the money in an "Easley/Purdue bait-n-switch," the fact remains that we are still using tax money (via credit) to build parks. So kudos for using the money as it was advertised, but shame on the voters, many of whom fled high tax hell-holes only to strat recreating one down here.

Yes, Common...

There are lots of things the state can do that local government entities cannot. For instance, local governments by (state) law must balance their budget each year, whereas the state has no deadline to present a balanced budget. Surprise, surprise!

What about Arrowhead Park???

Starting another park project when others are not finished. The County was going to fix up Arrowhead park over a year ago. They came in took the tennis nets down for like 2 months then they put new one's up. Didn't bother to fix the huge crack's in the court. They showed plans to put in a frisbee golf court and other improvements but never showed back up to do any more of there plan. Anyone know whats up with that??

Olsen Park

This money has already been tagged for Olsen Park from the 2006 Bond, and it's a joint effort with the City. Not sure if Arrowhead Park was a bond effort or not, but I know this park was a combined city/county park and Arrowhead is strictly a county effort. There is a joint committee meeting on a regular basis for Olsen park.