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New Hanover primary not over yet

READ MORE: New Hanover primary not over yet

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Just when you thought the primary election was over in New Hanover County, it continued today... sort of.

Two Board of Elections workers recounted every ballot from two precincts. The problem was that the number of ballots didn't match the authorization forms. After the rescan the numbers checked out evenly.

Watching over this whole process was James Utley, candidate for the 18th District House seat, a close race that had him nipping at the heals of Susi Hamilton throughout Election Night. The board made the votes official, and for a while it looked like they were close enough Utley could call for a recount.

"Always as a candidate you think that you're going to win, so thinking that we would be this close, I guess no one thought it would be a nail bitter like this, but that showed that we were a very formidable candidate," Utley said.

After reviewing the rules closely, the difference between the votes was more than one percent. Utley needed a difference of less than one percent.

The official numbers also revealed the possibility of a second primary, basically a runoff, for County Commission between Bill Caster and Brian Berger, who fell closely behind Caster.

Berger was expected to attend the canvass, but was no where to be found. He has until noon Thursday to file for the second primary. Until then it's still unclear who will hold that seat.

We caught up with Berger over the phone. He told us he's been thinking a lot about the possible runoff. He said he'll make his decision tomorrow morning.

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Time for change and maybe a better future

I agree with previous comments to support Brian Berger but for different reasons.
Brian has been consistent on his positons and he represents what is clearly the potential for change for the better. Bill is now the wrong person at the wrong time for the wrong position. With all the money he spent and all the political games he played-he barely finished ahead. Our County needs change-and Brian Berger would be a big improvement today than continuing with Bill- who represents the special interests and not the average citizen.
We have a chance in this run off and if that fails in the general election to vote for alternatives to Caster

Brian Berger got my vote

Brian Berger got my vote. That old man has been in office way to long, and dont really care if we are paying higher taxes. Limit government.

Berger MUST Erase "Caster the Disaster"

Brian Berger is so much better for taxpayers of New Hanover County, in so many ways, than that career politician Caster he better call for a Run-off.

The people of New Hanover County have put up with "Slick Billy" for long enough, a guy who only cares about himself (witness his attempt to avoid paying for all the spending he supports by mortgaging the County's future...spending the surplus just so he can say he didn't "raise taxes.").

Slick Billy Caster needs to go, and how perfectly appropriate that his opponent would be almost an exact opposite, a straightshooting, unassuming REAL CONSERVATIVE in Brian Berger who "gets" that the local economy and environment are linked, and both must be in good shape, is honest about crime and gangs in our area, and unlike Slick Billy, Berger won't mortgage our future and raise taxes to please special interests.

Let's get Berger on the County Board so taxpayers finally have a voice again!