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New Hanover recycling site closes down

READ MORE: New Hanover recycling site closes down
A recycling site on North College Road has closed down and residents who've relied on it aren't too happy about why it was closed. What was a very busy drop-off site in the parking lot of Lowes Foods had been there for about 15 years. New Hanover County's Solid Waste Department said complaints from residents in a fairly new apartment complex nearby prompted the county to close the site. There was some illegal dumping at the site, and residents from the Villas at Murrayville complained about litter blowing onto the complex property. Seven recycling containers, along with one for batteries, were taken from the lot. Nancy Olsen has recycled at the site for six years. “There was no talk about it ahead of time, it's just like, it's gone just because this apartment complex complained. I mean, like I said, when they built it, they knew this was here." "I'm trying to find a location out here where we can put another site. This is a great spot, actually for businesses, recycling centers bring them a lot of people,” said NHC Solid Waste Planner Lynn Bestul. Any property owners in the Murrayville area willing to allow recycle containers on their property are asked to contact Lynn Bestul in the solid waste department, at 798-44-10. People who used to recycle at the Lowes Foods now have two choices; they can go to Blair Elementary School off Market Street or near the True Value on 117 in Castle Hayne. However, the recycle bins at both of those sites already get full quickly.

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Behind the times

It totally amazes me how far behind New Hanover County is in the recycling area. I have lived in many other areas of the country and without exception there was not only recycling as a regular activity, but there was curbside pickup as a normal part of it. I know there are funds issues with any process, but how can we not afford to have a focused and planned recycling policy? It is dumbfounding that in a community of this size that it has not been implemented years ago, but then again, this area had to be forced into doing something about an aged sewer system as well. Why are our community leaders not leading a charge on this? I know that garbage is not very "sexy" to talk about, but let's get with it.

Recycling bins

I can't beleive they removed these bins that have been in the Lowe's parking lot for as long as I can remember. There always were people there recycling. A few whiners from a new condo complex caused it to be moved???? That doesn't even make sense for the company to move them. The bins were a great service. They condo dwellers should have thought of the recyling bins before thy bought their condo. Now 100's of people are inconvienced because of a few petty complainers. I agree with above person that they should have built a small fence behind the containers instead of moving them.



Recycling Site Closes

When I found out the site was closing, I was/still am furious! Those of us who have children are setting up the world for them to grow in. Do we really want the people of tomorrow to grow up in a land fill? Plus with 2 Environmental Businesses right across the street, what example are we creating for our children? Let just say our family has been trying to get curbside recycling in our neighborhood for a while now, and we live just behind the Murryville's Lowes Foods. So this Recycling Center has helped everyone is our area. The new apt complex just opened last year, did it not? (If I remb. correctly) Wouldn't it have made more since to spend less $ putting up a fence then moving the recycling containers to a completely different area? The less the county offers recycling, the more people are going to resort to using the trash. I thought society was all about "GOING GREEN" What happened to that? Is it all of a sudden "not in style" anymore? People need to their heads on straight, we don't accommodate the masses to the few, the county needs to realize that the lack there of will resort in more complaints than the willing to try for the few who do complain, for the recycling is more efficent. Plus everyone knows the ones complaining about the debris aren't the ones out there picking it up. Now’s when we thank the few in the county who still believe in voluntary community service.

Recycle Bins

It would also have been a GREAT help had the bins been emptied more often. It obviously was a great idea for many people that used it, but if the bins are full every time one goes by the place, it is bound to cause problems. It would have been wonderful if they had just put a fence around the offensive side, and emptied the bins more - it WAS a great service for the community if it had been thought through. I'm not sure why the "few" always seem to ruin things for the "many." I guess you just have to be a great whiner.

Recycle Center Closed

I wish all of you would get a life. Whether you are worried about the trash in the yard OR if you have to travel a few extra miles to recycle, at least you have a yard and you have trash to recycle. Put the blame where it belongs...on the people who have no respect for others and abused the area or broke the law. Geez, glad you're not having to solve world issues. Put your passion where it will do some good.

I do have a life...

and it includes recycling as part of my lifestyle. If you are intimating that this topic is not important to everyone, then you obviously have a very limited view of your life and the community and the world. Trying to belittle a valid and important issue and those that have concerns does nothing to raise your level of importance. Dismissing valid comments and concerns only shows your lack of understanding, and probably a very selfish and "me-centered" universe. It's ok though, we'll take care of your pathetic self as well.

I live in this area. The

I live in this area. The point is this: we lived there long before those apartments went up and were assured by the builders and county commissioners that it wouldn't be any trouble. Since they have been there, we have more road construction, more traffic, and now the closing of a recycling center. So now the opinions of a few dictate the way of life for many? Those people in those apartments better be glad they have a place to live, because had the county had half a brain, they would never have been built.


If things where blowing onto the apartment grounds why didn't they just put up a small privacy fence around the bins? That probably would have been cheaper than having to move and relocate the bins for the county.

I couldn't agree more....but

I couldn't agree more....but if that would have occured, we would have to listen to those same people complain about not being able to walk across to Lowes Food

Like Wake County

Maybe New Hanover County should start doing what Wake County does. Wake County has several drop of locations for trash, yard trash, and all types of recyclables. They are open from 7am to 7pm and they has a county worker helping and assisting people during those hours. Or better yet put a camera on location to get the people abusing the system.

Murryville Recycling Closed

The decision to close this recycling location was based on COMPLAINTS FROM THE APARTMENT COMPLEX?!? Are they kidding?? 1) The recycling drop-off was there way before the apartments were and 2) Wouldn't a fence have been a simpler and more sensible solution than closing the site altogether???? Who's making these decisions anyway? Do they realize how many people will now NOT recycle due to this closing?

Murrayville Recycling Closed

I agree totally with your point!! I believe it will cause many folks to just throw their recyclables in the landfill. What stupidity!!

Murrayville Recycling Center

I'd like to propose that we dump all of our recyclables into the apartment complex. Then those "few" will complain that they don't have any recycling centers close by, we'll get our containers back, and that would please "the masses".