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VOTE 2010: New Hanover voters pass sales tax hike


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The New Hanover County sales tax referendum passed Tuesday, barely. The quarter of cent sales tax increase brought many voters out to the polls, the outcome affecting everyone, pass or fail. We talked to County Commission chair Jason Thompson, and he laid it out in true Thompson fashion.

"Well I think it's going to be a good day for us and the sales tax," he said. "To be leading in the beginning I think the people that were against it came out in the early voting. I hope it holds up. If so, I think we did a good job of educating our citizens on what the sales tax means."

With the sales tax passing Thompson said many quality of life services would be safe, like Airlie Gardens, but says there will still be cuts.

"They'll probably be some reductions, not just in Airlie Gardens, but everything that is discretionary will have to be reduced regardless if it passes or not," Thompson said.

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"With the sales tax passing

"With the sales tax passing Thompson said many quality of life services would be safe, like Airlie Gardens, but says there will still be cuts." I lived here my entire life and have never stepped foot in the garden, however my Autistic soon has been waiting on services for over 3 years. Once again the people of this county bailed out the politicians who failed in their job, so we had to do it for them. Have we already forgot about the property tax blunder in this county?

Sales Tax & Property Taxes

For all who didn't hear him...

Thompson said in a recent radio interview that property taxes would go up regardless if the sales tax passed or not. It's no secret at all that we will pay more.

Sales tax, I have no faith in our local leadership

I just did the the numbers 25,949 voted only 20,190 voted for commissioners spots for the general election. That means 22% of everyone that voted "DID NOT VOTE" for any commissioner spots so your telling me and all of the voters, New Hanover County Board of Elections just a little under 1/4 of all the voters didn't vote for a commissioner!!! and out of the 25,674 that voted only 275 THAT IS .01% didn't vote on the sale tax increase. YOU THE EDUCATED DECIDED

On the tax hike

On the tax hike, you people in New Hanover County are not so much suckers as your officials simply placed you in a Catch 22. They would get the money from you either way. And with New Hanover County's history your property taxes will go up too, just not yet.

There you are wrong

Not even 24 hours after the Suckers approved the sales tax increase, along comes word that property taxes will increase.

I bet they believe the Education Governor lined up a whole slew of European Businesses to relocate to New Hanover County on her recent jaunt at the taxpayers' expense.

We were TOLD the tax hike

We were TOLD the tax hike passed. I would never believe there were so many ignorant people unless I counted the ballots myself.


the voters decide to grow a pair and be rid of these morons in office, sales tax or not, property tax or not, the situation will remain in a state of chaos. They have proven over and over again they can't spend our money responsibly yet we keep them around. They do only what we let them do.......


How long before they raise your property taxes, anyway?

Get Thompson out

we have to get Thompson out of office. He is a dolt with higher political aspirations that need to be quashed. He used Airlie as a means to scare people into submission and we shouldn't stand for it.

I truly hope someone comes around when he is up again and knocks him of his high horse.

I love how everyone is so

I love how everyone is so against taxes, but they are the first people to scream and cry when things that are supported by tax payer dollars are cut... when roads aren't repaved like they should be, when school budgets are cut, when there aren't enough police officers; people forget that they get to take advantage of what taxes do.

use of tax payer moneys

How many times have we seen tax hikes for whatever reason and see the same roads go unrepaired for great lengths of time or until yhe problem becomes catastrophic,how much of that money was spent on things we know nothing about how many dinners,cruises,filandering in general.

That's silly

Taxes should be for ESSENTIAL services only. Thic county wastes far too much money taking care of niche projects that should be funded by user fees.

Privately owned museums, for example, have no business in the county budget.


You obviously don't know much about the budget or area. I assume you are talking about Cameron Art Museum which is a publicly owned facility.


I could not possibly agree more. All we ever hear is "lower taxes, lower taxes, lower taxers." Everyone wants to blame politicians, but frankly I cannot think of a more difficult job. Not only do you have to attempt to budget a massive amount of expenditures, you have to try to keep everyone happy. It's time that people realize if you want lower taxes, you need to cut some unnecessary items from the budget...items like museums, gardens, etc... Personally I would rather keep these items and pay a little bit more in taxes. Costs go up each year for my power bill, water bill, groceries and everything's only fair to realize that the government has to pay more for goods as well and therefore the cost has to be picked up by those that the government serves.

Frankly if you don't want to pay taxes, then leave. Taxes are a necessary unpleasant part of living in the United States and it's the only way the system works. Sometimes you aren't going to like what our tax dollars are spent on, but you can guarantee that there is someone else out there who does like it. It's give and take, and it's how our country works. Deal with it and grow up!



If the media had done its

If the media had done its job, the sales tax hike might not have been passed. Instead, the local news stations reported only the scare tactics the local politicians used to get this tax passed. Thompson even admitted last night that the funding was still going to be cut for things like Airlie, parks and libraries. And just wait, we will still see property taxes rise. When will the people of this county vote with some sense? Now is not the time for more taxes!!!

That is what I said

They will say the new tax isn't bringing in as much as they thought it would so up next will be property tax going up. Or they will see new money coming in and will pi** it away on stupid projects.

Tax money frauds

I think anyone who voted for this increase is an idiot. We had these flyers showing the "benefits" of allowing these crooks to raise the sales tax, one of them being that property taxes would be spared. Guess what, they are going to raise property taxes either way. So why take a double whammy from these crooks?


"Well I think it's going to be a good day for us and the sales tax."

Of course it's a good day for Thompson and his cronies. It's a bad day for NHC citizens. And by "educating our citizens" I guess he means threatening to sell Arlie Gardens to make the self-absorbed socialites vote for the tax increase. Greedy politicians 1, tax payers 0.


typical politician--------------threaten cuts if the sales tax is not passed, then says have to have cuts anyway after it is passed----------maybe they should cut Thompson and his outrageous salary!

Barely Passed?

A pretty clear indicator the tide could have been turned had a few more voters turned out.

Will they, the ones who stayed home, be the most vocal opponents? History has been known to repeat itself.

One of the Council Members noted this would allow the visitors to pay for County needs.

Here's hoping local visitors send a message by making their purchases in Brunswick, Pender or Duplin Counties. For that matter make it a day trip and go to Myrtle Beach or Raleigh.

Same should hold true for County residents. If you think Property Tax rates are not likely to increase, you've not been following the budget folly her Highness has proposed. That is going to be a real eye opener when the true numbers surface.

If they think they've taken care of the budget shortfall with this, the Commissioners better go look at the State Budget and project further shortfalls when state funding is cut.

The Federal Tap is running dry; that will impact the number of available state dollars which trickles down to the County level.

if you didn't vote, then shut up.

I agree with Surf City Tom. More to the point,
all of you disgusted with Jason Thompson could have shown up when he was first running for County Commissioner and did like I did and vote AGAINST him. Everybody knows he's the worst, but only 20% came out the last time...and that was enough to get him in and moving on up the ranks.

So here we are at 18% turnout. What do you expect? Until you get all your uneducated neighbors to get off the couch and head to the polls this will NEVER change.