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New immunization rules for students

New Hanover County Schools released information today regarding rule changes for student vaccinations. North Carolina's lawmakers have made several changes to the rules regarding vaccination of school-aged children, including college students. Effective January 1, 2008, the administrative rule, 10A NCAC 41A.0401, has been changed, adding requirements for a booster dose of Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis) vaccine and a second dose of mumps vaccine. These rule changes will go into effect beginning with the 2008-09 school year. The new rule states that a booster dose of Tdap vaccine is required for the following individuals:
  • All students attending public school who are entering the 6th grade on or after August 1, 2008, if five years or more have passed since the last dose of tetanus/diphtheria toxoid.
  • All students not attending public schools (i.e., private, home-school, non-traditional schools) who are 12 years of age on or after August 1, 2008, if five years or more have passed since the last dose of tetanus/diphtheria toxoid.
  • Individuals enrolling in college or university for the first time on or after July 1, 2008, if a tetanus/diphtheria toxoid or tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis vaccine has not been administered within the past 10 years.
This administrative rule change also impacts mumps vaccination. Individuals are now required to receive a second dose of mumps vaccine before enrolling in school, college or university for the first time. "Since these vaccinations are required, children will be able to receive the booster dose of Tdap and second dose of mumps for free," said Ellen Harrison, School Nurse Supervisor, New Hanover County Health Department. "Parents simply need to set up an appointment with their child's physician or local health department to receive the immunization prior to school entry. The vaccine will be provided at no charge; however, the physician may charge a small fee to administer it." Parents must show proof of their child's vaccination in the form of a copy of the Certificate of Immunization. This certificate should be presented to the child's school to show proof of vaccination for Tdap or mumps. Parents have up to 30 calendar days from the first day of attendance to present the required up-to-date immunization record for the child. If the child's immunizations are not up-to-date, the required immunizations must be obtained or the process of obtaining immunizations must have begun within the same 30 day period. At the end of the 30 calendar day period, any child without a Certificate of Immunization showing that the child has received the required vaccines shall be suspended from school until he/she provides a Certificate of Immunization as required by law or shows that he/she has begun the immunization process. "These rule changes were designed to help reduce the incidence of whooping cough and mumps disease among North Carolinians," said Beth Rowe-West, RN, BSN, and Head of the Immunization Branch. Whooping cough is a highly contagious respiratory infection. Most children are fully protected against it prior to entering kindergarten, but immunity to whooping cough wanes after about 10 years. "This rule allows us to reduce the impact of this deadly disease and better protect our children by boosting their immune systems." Some medical exemptions are allowed. See your doctor to see if your child is eligible. For more information or questions about exemptions, visit or contact your physician or the New Hanover County Health Department at (910) 798-6520.

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FREE immunizations

To the county employee who thinks that the vaccines are free, think again. Although it may be hard for someone bellied up to the public trough day after day to understand, the goverment has no money except what it takes from taxpayers. So your so called "free" vaccine came out of my pocket and the pockets of other taxpayers. It most certainly is not free. While the vaccine willl likely prove beneficial to those people who receive it, let's be honest about the costs and who pays them. You are welcome.


HATE this vaccination crap! Some of them are necessary...some are CLEARLY NOT NECESSARY and just done for no real the chicken pox shot..PURE BULL CRAP...OK, so the kid doesn't get chicken pox now...I have TWO FRIENDS whos 5 year olds have gotten.....SHINGLES! Let them get the flippin chicken pox! We are killing ourselves with this crap.

Why do children who are

Why do children who are schooled at home need these so called vaccines why do they need to be vaccinated. Parents choose not to have them vaccinated for a reason..I myself believe that school systems have way to much control in our childrens lives.. I am 26yof who has a 1 yr old and I know in my high school years that at my school if we got into a accident going to or leaving from school or during school hours no matter if we were suppose to be there or not(parent nowing we were out) the school principle was notified and most of the time before the parents were.(I do not see that as right).So on top of the vaccines that is another thing to think about...SCHOOLS TO MUCH CONTROL NOT ENOUGH EDUCATION BEING TAUGHT.

Toxins, Side Effects and Pure Quackery...

Parents, DO NOT VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN! Besides the fact that vaccines don't work, cause HARM, here are the added ingredients (listed on CDCs website)... Tdap: Aluminum Hydroxide, Bovine Extract, Formaldehyde or Formalin, Glutaraldehyde, Polysorbate 80 If you wish to harm your child vaccinate them. Otherwise, stay as far away from Government and Medical quacks.

Do Not Vaccinate

Hi. I am a stay-at-home mother of three. We are moving to NC from Oklahoma and I am worried about handling vaccination laws. Oklahoma had a philosophical waiver and it seems NC is going to present a problem for those of us who have made an educated, well thought out decision not to vaccinate our children. What recourse do I have? Do you know of any organizations with my same views? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.

immunization requirement?

First of all you need to mention there are exemptions. You DO NOT need to have the immunizations. Make an informed decision. Do not let health care be dictated for you! If my child is not immunized, because of informed decision, why is my child putting immunized children at risk? "The most important thing in life is to never stop questioning" AE