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New law aims to protect domestic violence victims

READ MORE: New law aims to protect domestic violence victims
Domestic violence is a fact of life for one in four women. But now domestic violence victims in North Carolina have an extra layer of protection. In the past when victims of domestic violence wanted to change their names to escape their abusers that name change would still be public record. Now domestic violence victims can change their names privately. It's a small difference in the law that could have a huge impact. For victims of domestic violence, it's often a last resort. Women who are abused by their significant others often change their names as a step toward starting a new life. But up until this week victims of domestic violence in North Carolina were required to publicly disclose a name change, just like anyone wanting to change their name for any other reason. For victims of abuse, a name change can be what saves their life. An Open Gate Domestic Violence Shelter spokesperson said, "The most dangerous point in domestic violence relationships is when they leave their abusers. The violence tends to escalate then. The stalking can increase. So, usually when they're leaving their abuser is it necessary for them to change their name so they can't be identified." Sen. Julia Boseman said, "These people are the most severe cases. They are scared for their lives and in many cases, they're running to try to protect their families from the abuser." Sen. Boseman was the sole primary sponsor of the new law. While serving as the co-chair on the joint legislative commission on domestic violence Boseman helped identify issues that needed to be changed. It became her top priority to introduce legislation to protect the privacy of domestic violence victims. "What this bill will do is when they do go to change their name, if you're a victim of domestic violence, it's a sealed file, much like an adoption, without the posting requirements that there are typically with a name change," Boesman said. Sen. Boseman said this bill was difficult to push through. Critics argued the privacy protection rule could be abused by people trying to change their names to escape creditors. But Boseman was able to sway opponents by citing the thousands of victims of domestic violence in this state the law would help.

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domestic violence

I do not know any of you who posted these comments, but I must say as a child who grew up in a domestic violence home and as a woman who made the decision to leave one; I find your comments insulting. It only goes to show the level of ignorance people in this country possess. Perhaps if all were informed there would be no need for this law.

Domestic Violence

Okay folks, let's get the facts straight here... Domestic violence is intimate partner violence. It does not matter who abused who or what their justification is. The fact is that abusing a human being is against the law PERIOD. Let's say I decided to walk up to an anonymous person on the street and hit them. I am going to jail, it's a crime to do that. That's the facts. Domestic violence is when the facts are BLURRED and sometimes disregarded because of the nature of the relationship between the individuals. That is dysfunctional thinking and logic on the behalf of our culture which is why domestic violence is still alive and well. To hurt, harm, berate, belittle, con, swindle, manipulate and/or terrorize another human being is a crime except if that person is a family member or emotionally involved intimately with you. Okay America, wake up and smell the neanderthal, SHAME ON US... Violence is a CHOICE, you can CHOOSE to walk away. Oh, and by the way, did you know that there is one population in this country that you can legally kill and beat? Children... You can abort babies and beat children as long as you don't leave a bruise. We even allow our schools to beat our children with our consent under the guise of discipline, it's more like adult frustration acting out on children. The brain is the strongest muscle, prevention is worth a life... Learn how to get along, manage your anger, and choose your battles. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE NEANDERTHAL.... YIKES

batter woman

i know it is both ways but your comment is rude and you must be in a DV sisition. it is time for you to get out

to: wwwwwwwwbbbbbbbbbbbb

to start with you do not batter women, you batter fish, chicken and pork chops. and second , don't really know what a dv sisition is. if you were trying to say a dv position, actually i'm not in one. are you? if not then maybe you need to break out the websters dictionary and start working on you spelling and typing skills before you decide to reply again ...and look even stupider.

domestic violence

in a domestic violence situation all you ever hear about in reference to spousal abuse is the women being slapped around.we all know this happens but it also happens the other way too. there are a lot of men who are the victims of domestic violence also. seems to me its a lose lose situation for everybody. as far as julia boseman worrying about domestic violence, what she needs to understand is she doesn't need to worry about a man kicking her tail. that is of course unless she takes that mans wife away from him.