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New law to keep drug dealers farther from kids

WILMINGTON -- A new law will soon take effect to keep drug dealers farther away from our kids. Sen. Julia Boseman helped propose legislation that will expand safe zones around schools and parks from three hundred feet to one thousand feet. That means if you sell drugs within those areas, you can be charged with a class-E felony. New Hanover County School Board member Dorothy Deshields asked Boseman to push for the new law because areas of downtown Wilmington near schools were not covered as safe zones. The new law takes effect in December.

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I agree it's good law

I think its about time goverments arould this world take action and band not just fathers what about Mothers aswell. I live in New Zealand as of now We don't have such a law for the drug pushers about our schools. As a father myself Id like to see the New Zealand goverment make the same law here to protect our young ones.

I am glad to hear about this

I am glad to hear about this new law. Our teens are the number one target for drug dealers and that's because they are more vulnerable than the rest of us. They need a safer environment as many drugs are sold around the schools... Drug and alcoholic treatment center

E felony

I have personal experience with this problem. My son went to Ashley High School, he was given his first taste of heroin right there at school in a bathroom. That was 2 years ago, we are still trying to save our child. A new law isn't going to change things, probably not a new police cheif either. My son eventually started going to where the drugs originated from, mostly the public housing area behind Lakeside School in Wilmington. In trying to save my child I followed him to his dealer, yes he has one of his own now. I took pictures of them, all the kids buying and all of the people selling to them. These pictures were given to Wilmington PD, along with names, addresses and some of their phone numbers. My son is now in the system, none of the dealers that sold him the drugs are. How many more of our kids are going to get hooked and or die before the dealers are taken off of the streets. New laws won't stop this, only enforcing all of the drug laws against all of the dealers and suppliers will.

Don't fret

Don't fret. We hear of stings all the time in this city. Who's not to say that info is being taken into consideration and applied to a sting?

Who's really at fault

Instead of blaming the person selling the drugs, how about putting some responsibility in the person buying the drugs. Your son could easily have said 'no' and then you wouldn't be in this position. I agree laws need to be more strict for the dealers, but we also need to place some of the blame on those buying the drugs

Did you miss the part where

Did you miss the part where she said her son was "in the system"? Seems to me he is being dealt out his bit of blame in the situation. Now what about the dealers? Why aren't they locked up as well?

stop blaming & do something yourself

Putting blame on everybody else is not doing anygood.Drugs is out there and could be your nextdoor neighbor making it.Do something yourself. Change starts within your home. Be more active in your community watch programs and do some work yourself. Call your police for extra survelience at certain times & places.Just because nothing happens imediately doesen't mean they don't know whats going on and are watching this. Everything takes time.If you don't get results from the dept. you tell, Then what you told probably didn't go any farther than the person you told. Go to someone else.There is someone that cares and it is up to you to find them.You will prevail.

Everybody Has Opinions...

Everybody who commented on this topic criticized the effort. Well I notice that everyone always criticizes but never offers any resolutions...or better yet...TRIES to do anything to help besides sitting back and degrading others efforts. Be happy that we have politicians who are trying to make an effort. If you have better ideas, then contact and inform your local politician or get in the game yourself. Peace.

Safe Zones? What's that?

It's not much of a safe zone if you can purchase crack from some of the football team.

This law is nothing without a new police chief

Without a new police chief that actually enforces lasw besides speeding tickets. This law means nothing.... 40 in a 35 is so much more serious than crime or drug dealing.....

The truth was to good for you?

You know and I know that you did not get a ticket for 40 in a 35mph zone. So stop lying. Second, plenty of other laws are enforced everyday by WPD. I you care to see what goes on each day why dont you sign up for a ride-a-long. Then you could write positive comments about what really goes on out here in the real world.


What should the police do , only enforce one specific crime at the time. Maybe you need to tell them which crime to enforce on any certain day.

You obviously know nothing

You obviously know nothing about what goes on around here in Wilmington. A new Police Cheif won't solve anything. I think the guy we have now is doing an excellent job. 40 in a 35 might be minor, but it's still breaking the law. Quite making excuses

class E felony

I guess a child could get "hooked"on drugs easier if they bought them near a school or park.

oh yeah another toothless law that will scare them away.....

Julia Boseman must have drank some of that Camp Lejune water

I can sleep well now,

I can sleep well now, knowing another drug law has been written. I'm sure all the dope dealers are shaking in their boots. Another snow job.


Bozo is laughable at times...just HOW is this going to make our children "safer"? Last time I checked...only lawful citizens care about laws. Criminals, which drug dealers most certainly are, ignore laws as thats what makes them......CRIMINALS...Just another FEEL GOOD piece of legislature that means...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.