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New law will require bar, restaurant owners to recycle

WILMINGTON -- Beginning in January a new state law will require bar and restaurant owners to recycle glass and aluminum alcohol containers. The city of Wilmington will provide businesses with the recycling bins, but owners must pay for the pick-up service. While many say the recycling is a good idea, it also brings up some concerns. Bar owners will have the month of January to adjust to the new law. Alcohol law enforcement agents will start fining violators in February.

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Gives A.L.E something to do

Gives A.L.E something to do now instead of writing tickets for dumb things. IE: no membership????I think it is good for the restaurants, but from working at a club, it isn't so easy to do. you have designated glass bins but you have those people that throw other things in these bins. so now we have to hand put real glass in the right bins.

Entertainment Recycling

In Somerset West, South Africa, we use the recyclable materials generated by entertainment venues to create sustainable local jobs!From 34 participating venues, we generate over 6 tons of only glass every week. All it takes is the staff to place glass/plastic/tin in the same bins, which we rotate 3x a week and sort at our yard. We even have a domestic recycling collection service, where the homeowners pays R10 a month to have the materials collected from their front door.Rinsing of glass unimportant as it gets smashed although tins do need a rinse or two.

I guess that aluminum

I guess that aluminum recycling is a windfall for the aluminum industry. Think of all the cans that will be reprocessed and resold, and for this the bar owners must help pay for the service. If the recyclers want the cans, they should pick them up or pay to have it done. Just big government looking after big business. If the "greenies" want the cans in my trash, they can come and pick them out..I sure as Hell won't.

I would like to see

I would like to see recycling mandatory for everyone, not just bars and restaurants. The city/county could provide bins and schedule pick-ups. Use some of our paid taxes for a worthwhile cause.


I had a house in Jersey and before I left we had to recycle people and let me tell you they wanted the jars washed and color coded. I had 5 garbages but I had to do what I had to do. All paper was also recycled. Opps, someone going to say its the yankees again! To Bad!

Me too

CT here =) I remember too well rinsing out cans, jars, and bottle!

From NY here, we recycled

From NY here, we recycled too. They will say it's the yankees fault again, but I have no problem with taking the blame for this one.


Has GOT to be one of this silliest laws to have come down in a while. For one, being tied to a liquor license is stupid. Then you have the issue of patrons putting glass and cans in trash cans. SOMEONE now has to be paid to go thru the trash to get them or you risk being fined. Maybe I should find who voted for this law and have THEM come dig in the trash a few times. This law is RIDICULOUS! I am also trying to figure out which one of our lawmakers has a recycling plant or a friend/relative that has one.

Beer cans & bottles

Recycle is silly ? Since when. Hey where do you think these cans and bottles go, into thin air ? There are alot of drinkers and not many just have 1...I am glad this law is going to happen. It is about time

Owners can get over it.....

As many beer cans and bottles as they go through? They need to recycle, and get over it....


GOOD Idea. I figured they were already doing this.

A great idea, something that

A great idea, something that should have been done years ago. Believe me those bar owners make enough money to foot the bill.