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New moms get fit with Stroller Strides

READ MORE: New moms get fit with Stroller Strides
It's not easy being a new mom. Having a newborn can leave you sleep deprived, socially isolated, and carrying a bit of extra baby weight you'd like to lose. That's why many moms in Wilmington turn to Stroller Strides. On a Tuesday morning in Wilmington, more than a dozen moms gather in Hugh MacRae Park with babies in tow to work up a sweat. "Stroller Strides is a total fitness program moms can do with their baby in the stroller, so you're actually walking along with them, baby with you the whole time. It's an hour-long class, we combine strength training and cardio. It's safe for all levels of exercisers, all stages of pregnancy,” said Jody Smith. The classes are offered six days a week at parks across the greater Wilmington area. Moms say the classes provide a wonderful outlet. "I love it because you get to meet other moms, and I’ve met moms with other kids my child's age, and it's great to get out of the house. It kind of forces you to get out of the house and exercise, it's great for your mental health as well as your physical health,” said Kary Massengill. One limitation many new moms face when trying to work off some pounds is that a traditional gym won't let you bring your kids to child care until they're six-months-old "For a new mom, especially, it's kind of an isolating time those first few weeks and months of being a brand new mom, especially if you're a first time mom, it's not only a great way to get out of the house - just an excuse to get out of the house, meet some other moms who are in the same boat with you, and still be with your baby the whole time spending that quality time, it's a great way to get back in to shape,” Smith said. Stroller Strides is a nationwide program, and it's been around in Wilmington for about two years. The cost varies. You can pay $45 for a month of unlimited classes, or if you're not ready to make that kind of commitment, you can pay $15 for a one-time session. For more information, you can visit Stoller Strides on-line.

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Re: Stroller Strides

I'm a new mom myself and as you all know, baby fat can be a bit of a problems. I joined a local Stroller Strides program with a bunch of the other new moms in my community and some friends. We go out 2 or 3 times a weeks and do our exercises. I think being in a group and with friend is the key to success in this situation, and it's FUN! I do have a secret weapon I wear when I'm out with the girls... Just to cut the pounds and tighten my abs. Its done wonders for me. Thanks for the great story and post.

Hey Lindsey

Wow it looks like you live in a great area for this club. I would love to have a group of girl I could also go jogging and exercise with. I just moved to a new house and haven't seen many young moms around. I will definitely start looking a group.

Thanks Lindsey!

These classes are more than

These classes are more than just a "walk". It is a total body exercise class...just like one you might take at a gym...only, unlike at the gym, you can have you baby with you the whole time. Many new moms struggle with getting back into shape after having a baby because they can't find the time or are unable to leave their baby with the childcare at the gym or would just simply rather not be away from their baby. This class has nationally certified instructors and trainers teaching specific exercises geared towards new moms trying to get back in shape. The bonus is that they get to still spend quality time with their children and be outside! No one balks at a gym membership fee and this program offers way more emotional support for new moms than any gym ever could!

Sounds to me like personal

Sounds to me like personal drive is in order, not a weekly or monthly payment to achieve that drive.

I'd like to address the "personal drive" comment

Listen, I'm not going to repeat what everyone on here has said about SS. It is a very vigorous workout, that is always changing and adaptable to any fitness level. It is the best workout for the money, period. No gym can compare. SS is about exercise and physical goals, yes, but it is also a place where new moms can come and feel welcomed and supported. I'm not going to just assume you are a man with that sort of ridiculous comment, but I am more than sure no mother would say such a thing. Therefore, let me fill you in on what a new mother goes through, okay? There are hormonal shifts, isolation, fear, uncertainty. There is a general unease with your body, and how it now operates. There is pain and soreness and worry that you will never be who you used to be. Chances are, even though your body has just been pushed to it's physical limit by birth, you don't feel strong. Until you come to SS. Then it all changes. Not only do you become physically strong, possibly stronger than you have ever been, but you also find a group of women who support you in all ways. Together our group has been there for each other through divorces, stillbirths, miscarraiges, difficult pregnancies, family issues, parental deaths, etc. We have celebrated pregnacies, births, birthdays, small victories and huge accomplishments. So, I'd like to ask you to put your money where your mouth is. Come and join us for a class. Seriously. See if you can keep up with this group of women who are so lacking in "personal drive". I feel sincerely we would leave you and your idiotic ideals far behind.

How have we made it this far?

You say: "There are hormonal shifts, isolation, fear, uncertainty. There is a general unease with your body, and how it now operates. There is pain and soreness and worry that you will never be who you used to be. Chances are, even though your body has just been pushed to it's physical limit by birth, you don't feel strong."


Lol...its funny to me that all of you talking about this BS act like this is something new...these bodily changes. Women have been dealing with it for thousands of centuries, so you can drop the "poor us we are experiencing something new" mentality. No one has sympathy for the changes we go through having children and you sound like a typical tree hugging, hybrid driving single mother. My God, how did your mother survive with out SS? and her mother before her? and hers before her?


SS sounds like a great program and good excercise and even something Id have been interested in after I had my children, but c' is truly something someone can do on their own without paying the $45 using self control, personal drive, the internet to get the basics of a good walking exercise program and the telephone to call other friends. You ought not jump on someone like that that states the obvious. Did you birth the SS program? If not, you sure sound like you did getting so defensive.

I'm not really sure I even

I'm not really sure I even understand this comment about "personal drive." The moms that attend these classes OBVIOUSLY have personal drive to get back into shape and be a good role model for their children. What a silly comment!

Why not just get out and

Why not just get out and push that baby in the stroller any way and save your money? They need someone to pay to show them how to take Jr. for a stroller walk....$15/$45? Let me sell you some lower 40 acres of swamp land while you're at it :-) WOW!!!!

Hee hee- looks like someone

Hee hee- looks like someone need to get their butt kicked by a good old fashioned Stroller Strides workout. I think the person who made this comment should go and try a class (it's free to try). I guarantee they would eat their words!


You know you can go out and push a stroller and save your money. However, the 45 bucks is nothing compared to what you and your child get - I mean it's not just about exercising, it's about keeping you and your chid entertained. I enjoy taking my son out in the stroller by ourselves or with some friends, but I really love going to Stroller Strides. A key to exercise is finding something you really enjoy and switching it up a bit. If all you do is go for strolls with your children by yourself and you really enjoy that, then go for it. But if you like an extra push and variety in your exercise along with entertainment for your child or children then what's 45 bucks a month? I thought the same thing....why am I going to pay somebody something I can do on my own, so I tried it out for free for a week and guess what!? It's well worth it.

I find it funny that you

I find it funny that you comment on something you know absolutely nothing about. As the other individuals have pointed out, Stroller Strides is more than just a walk with your child. I love Stroller Strides, and more importantly, my kids love Stroller Strides. Please educate yourself more on a subject before you make rude and idiotic comments.

What do you want to bet that

What do you want to bet that the person who wrote such an assinine statement as "Why not just get out and push that baby in the stroller any way and save your money? They need someone to pay to show them how to take Jr. for a stroller walk....$15/$45?" needs to get out and exercise themselves because their fat butt is hanging over the chair they're sitting in while typing the letter! Pathetic!

I LOVE Stroller Strides!!

"Why not just get out and push that baby in the stroller any way and save your money?" You have obviously never tried the Stroller Strides workout! This class is not just about taking the baby out for a walk! The instructors are fitness professionals who guide the participants through a VERY VIGOROUS workout routine, including exercises for the arms, abs, back, buns, hips & thighs, as well as the cardio side with aerobics and walking/jogging inbetween stations. It is by FAR better than ANY other aerobics class I have ever taken at any gym! AND it allows new moms to meet, talk about new mom issues, and build life-long friendships, all while spending time with their babies out in the fresh air! NOTHING COMPARES. And it's not just about motivation. New moms need support as they are getting used to the changes in their bodies and the new kind of pain they may be experiencing, some of which is due to the baby weight they gained while pregnant. MOST women do not know the SAFE ways to work on their trouble spots to lose that extra weight. Stroller Strides teaches new moms how to SAFELY get back in shape, and it makes this seemingly daunting task completely easy and FUN! Stroller Strides is totally worth the SMALL AMOUNT of money you pay! I would reccommend it to ALL new moms! You'll love it!! And by the way, don't EVER imply that a Stroller Strides mom is lacking in motivation!! These are the strongest, MOST dedicated women I have ever met, and their dedication to a lifetime of fitness for themselves and their babies is, to me, what makes them MY HEROES!

Stroller Strides

Stroller Strides is NOT just taking your baby for a "walk". It is a major work out...lunges...hills....running...sprint....ab work and commitment of going every week 1 or more times with being a member. The motivation from other members rocks!