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New plans revealed for downtown hotel

The weather outside may be cool, but development in the downtown area continues to heat up. Wednesday CN Hotels revealed plans for a new 7 story, 125-room Courtyard Marriott Hotel at the corner of Second and Grace. The company will break ground in May or June and plans to have the hotel completed by the summer of 2010. Cape Fear Visitors Bureau President, Kim Huffham, said it is perfect timing. “I think with the convention center, and all the new development that's going on downtown it'll be an asset, give us additional rooms that will be needed during that time, as well as bring tourists downtown for the riverfront and the historic district,” she said. The hotel will cost between fourteen and fifteen million dollars to build. Even with several hotels right down the street, and others in the planning stages. CN representatives believe the Courtyard name will make the hotel competitive.

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More good news made possible by our new Civic Center

With this, the third new very nice hotel project announced for downtown since the Civic Center was approved, we will finally have good competitive accommodations. Instead of the just one old over-priced dump called the Hilton.

Have you even stepped foot

Have you even stepped foot in the Hilton lately. May be you should and look at what 10.5 million has done to the "dump".

I have

Yes I have...I stayed there for a party overnight actually and yes it is a dump in comparison to other hotels in it's price range. The service was great, i'll give them that, but in terms of the rooms they were NOT up to par.

Sounds good...

There is plenty of room for improvement downtown. The Courtyard Marriott was a good addition to Carolina Beach! I didn't know that the Hilton had a recent renovation so I looked at there site ( and it looks really nice. I think their presentation of Wilmington is very professional and makes the city look great!


What are we gonna have to tear down now for this "much needed" facility?


A parking lot. You would rather have a parking lot than a 15 million dollar Marriott hotel downtown that provides jobs to build, jobs to run, and provides a place for tourists to come and stay and use our downtown. Just go dont make any sense.

Probably some trashy eye sore

Which downtown has plenty of........

Private Investment

Its ridiculous how the naysayers try to trivialize the private investment going on in downtown Wilmington. Every private enterprise, from PPD, Marriott, Indigo and numerous condo projects point to the Riverwalk and Convention Center Projects as reasons they are spending money in downtown Wilmington. Just this investment and tax dollars alone over the next few years will pay for the projects themselves, not to mention the increased capacity to draw in tourists who spend money. Jobs for construction. Permanent Jobs downtown. So what if the convention center loses some money? SO WHAT? Your going to trade all this investment and jobs just because the convention center finishes in the red some years? These naysayers are idiots that dont want any type of public investment...ever. Thalian Hall was a convention center in its day. Should we just tear it down. Was that not a good use of money in the 1850's?


Your logic is flat wrong. Where in the City of Wilmington or County of New Hanover's charter does it state that the government is responsible for economic development? A government's resposibility is to protect and serve the people that elected it. If it was sooo profitable to run a convention center, then why didn't a private company finance and build the center themselves? Did PPD need to take City money to build? Did the hospital use public money to expand? Did the Hilton use tax money to renovate? Private investment for private enterprise. I am not against the idea of a Convention Center, or an "Alltel Pavillion" type of concert hall, but I am against tax money paying for them.