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New poll shows how Americans feel about immigration

It's Columbus Day. On the day that remembers Christopher Columbus as the first immigrant to the new world ABC explores how Americans really feel about immigration. The signs are backed up with statistics. Nearly 80 percent of those surveyed say they often or sometimes come into contact with people who mainly speak Spanish. It's true it small town Iowa and at one Alaskan furrier. A third of those people are bothered by their interactions with Spanish speakers -- like the Philadelphia restaurant owner who posted an English-only sign. ABC News polling director Gary Langer said, "People who are disturbed by Spanish being spoken also are more likely to hold negative views on immigration more generally." Americans are conflicted about immigration Sixty-seven percent of those polled agreed. Fifty-four percent feel illegal immigrants hurt more than help the country. At the same time 58 percent support providing a path to citizenship for those undocumented workers already here. The crackdown on illegal immigrants is being felt by farmers. Fewer undocumented workers are showing for the harvest and farmers now are worried their crops will die on the vine: The government is now working to rewrite federal regulations so farmers can hire more legal guest workers. Just 10 percent of Americans concede having racist feelings toward Hispanics. That's far fewer than those who in previous polls have admitted to being prejudiced against Muslims.

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People get the idea of

People get the idea of immigration and ILLEGAL immigration confused. Yes, many of you were immigrants, you left europe to invade my land.. illegally. But that was then and this is now. depending on how far back in history you want to go, EVERYONE is an immigrant. Except africans, since it has been proven that is where we all came from. We need laws to protect our resources, 11 million illegal aliens are currently working in the US. when you compare that to the 30 million uneomplyed americans.. its not hard to make the connection.

Stop the greed

First off its hasnt been proven that we all come from africa. Its a theory that may never be proven. Next wwhy should people in this country deny others the oppurtunity to seek a better life. They werent denied that oppurtunity when they came here from Europe. All i see is greed in Americans. They are like a child that stops playing with a toy and when he sees another child get it he all of the sudden want to play with it too. I dont know whats the big deal. Most jobs around arent offered to illegal immigrants. The only jobs they have the chance to get is the same jobs we all know and that Americans wont take. Americans instead of whining should go out and get a higher education since they have the oppurtunity to do so. All they do is sit around waiting for phone calls instead of going and taking jobs supposedly illegals take.

I feel as if its not for us

I feel as if its not for us to judge because we was all at a point of time immigrants. We have know rights to say whether or not they should come. So for those who hate immigration is saying they hate themselves because they was once at a point of time is an immigrant to.

Hate the law breakers

I hate the law breakers that are fueling the underground economy that is taking taxes and money out of the system that would be used to pay for the social programs that the illegals themselves take advantage of. Make the illegals pay taxes and you could fund free healthcare for all children. One way to do this would be the Fair Tax. Everone, illegal or not, would pay based on what they buy, not on income from the federal government. Just think of the influx of money on the market if you got to take home your federal income taxes, and spend or save, your choice. Check out And I welcome the immigrants that come here and go thru the legal process for documentation and entry into this country and properly work and live here. And pay their way!

Selective law enforcement

New numbers out today have put the number of illegal aliens in this country at around 20 to 38 million, not the 12 million politicians have touted. Our country has been invaded and our politicians have stood by and let it happen by doing next to nothing. A little raid here and there just as a show, just like a big drug bust near election time. We better get off our butts and vote these power hungry, corrupt, spineless, weasels out of office or our country will contunue to be taken over and invaded (ILLEGALLY) without 1 shot being fired. You better wise up people, if it's not already too late.

Let The econommy go up!!!!!!

My opinion is: Let illegal imigrants do a drive licenes - they will buy a car, pay for gasoline, olil change...etc... let them work ligall - they will pay taxes that america need now! So much money were spent for the War! Let the economy go up - illegal could help in this process - if we let them do it.