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New process for car inspections

Things work a little different these days, for drivers taking their cars for an inspection. The Meineke on Carolina Beach Road had to change their receipts to let customers know inspections would no longer come with a sticker. The Department of Motor Vehicles began it's electronic inspection program in November. The program puts vehicle inspection and registration info in the same database. As a result, cars no longer need stickers on their windshields. The only change for the actual inspection is when the mechanic puts the information into the database. For new car owners or someone new to town, the program means a trip to the mechanic first. “It's now tied to your license plate. So when you go renew your license plate you have to make sure that the vehicle is inspected before you get a license plate,” said Meineke owner, David King. The DMV expects it to take about a year before all vehicles will be in line with the new system. once the program is fully in place, cars will have the same registration and inspection dates. The DMV has created a helpful inspections calculator so you can see when your vehicles inspection is due. For more information on the feature you can visit the DMV website.

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All about "The Money"

It's all about "The Money." Everything has become completely all about "The Money." Greed is what has put this country in the mess we are in now. And since we are in this mess, everything has become more all about "The Money."

If they enforce it

If DMV is going to make so many rules, they need to STOp all of the CROOKED auto shops in Wilmington. Last year my elderly mother took her car into a tune shop on S. College. Accross from Wesley. They not only failed her for a slightly "cracked" serpentine belt. The only portion of a belt that can be failed is for the Power Steering, and the belt has to ba damaged or not usable. I have used a badly cracked serpentine belt to pull a 302 out of my truck from a motor hoist. A cracked belt does NOT fail you. Period. Also, her car is a 1994 but she was charged for the new emissions. Her car being a 1994 does not have to pass the new emission standard testing. It can still get the traditional inspection. Being a shop manager in Raleigh, I drove down to Wilmingotn where the manager refused to speak to me. I have been running a 36 bay shop for 12 years and have had my master ase for two decades. I beileve I know what I am speaking about and these people in Wilmington are crooks. DMV never returned my request for investigation either.. Don't start adding new rules if you won't enforce the rules that are our there currently.

What a scam

I swear, this State gets more and more screwed up every year. Next thing you know we're going to have California Emissions Standards and a Biometric ID card forced on us. Just a matter of time.

it is more of a reason

it is more of a reason police officers to "randomly" pull cars over. if they dont see a sticker then they could actually stop vehicles just to "be sure"....its always a method to the madness other than JUST TYING THE TWO TOGETHER....

Get a clue

If only you had some clue as to what you are talking about. LEO would run your tag and if it didn't come back saying your car was inspected and they saw you had no inspection sticker, then they would pull you over. Get a clue

They said on the news this

They said on the news this morning that you'll need to keep a copy of your receipt in your glove box so you can show proof.

Lets all move to South

Lets all move to South Carolina/ they don't have to deal with this mess. Why can't it all be done in one spot. The mechanic can enter the info into the data base and the next day you can come back and pick up your plate?