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New recycling regulations set to go into effect

READ MORE: New recycling regulations set to go into effect
Recycling has always been considered a good thing to do. Soon, it will also be the law. According to NHC Landfill Manager Sam Hawes, "October 1st, the state is instituting a new recycling law that includes bans for plastic bottles, wooden pallets, and oil filters." The new ban will be put into place primarily boost awareness about recycling, and will be tough to regulate. It's especially directed at businesses that use large quantities of recyclable items, like restaurants or auto mechanics, but residents are expected to follow the new law too. Plastic bottles, wooden pallets, and oil filters, will be added to a list of other items already ban from landfills including aluminum cans, appliances, and antifreeze. "We're real excited about the bans, because hopefully it will enable us to save some of this additional landfill space for real waste that needs to be handled that way and we can extend the life of our facilities,” Hawes said. Every second in the state of North Carolina, 80 plastic bottles are disposed of. By properly recycling them, you're not only helping the environment and saving valuable landfill space, you're also boosting the economy. More than 14,000 people are employed in the recycling industry statewide. "We need to be able to feed some of the corporations that employ quite a few North Carolinians, so there's a company one of them, they make carpet with the plastic bottles,” said Lynn Bestul, a NHC solid waste planner. Recycling seems to be catching on locally. Over the past couple years, the amount of recyclable material dropped off in New Hanover County has increased 71 percent. Lynn Bestul hopes the new law will encourage residents and businesses to keep up the good work. For more information you can visit the following websites...P2Pays,NHCGov, State recycling

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I love coming here daily to the comment section; it amuses me ! :) You people are sooo full of yourselves. Who cares ? With the Muslims having prayer on the Washington grounds,(est. 50,000 expected)we should be way more concerned about that.And why should I have to dial 1 for English. Those illegals that want to go to OUR community college maybe should be required to pick up the plastic as a prerequisite to being legal.No, seriously folks....

great law!

How can recycling be enforced when you have people that either leave broken sofa's and refrigerators in their front yard ( back yard if your lucky) or dump them in the woods instead of taking them to a landfill. You have to start teaching people to have some respect for their environment and stop being so self centered. If you put a cash deposit on plastic bottles and aluminum cans paid at time of purchase you would see more recycling. If they refuse to recycle then they should be charged double for trash pickup or double their dumping fees at the landfill.

Anyone see a trend here?

If you attack the law, the opposition starts calling you an idiot, a moron, tells you that you need to grow up, etc.... NOWHERE do they address the issues you raise relative to a government mandate without compensation, yet another governmental intrusion into your life, the fact that a federal law requiring recycling would violate the Tenth Amendment.... No...all they can do is call you names. (Sniff! It hurts so BAAAAD!!!!) I guess I'm just not COOL....(Sob!)

Used oil filters

Where are you supposed to take used oil filters? Is there a collection site setup for them?

I have recycled for years.

I have recycled for years. However, I now have a work schedule that conflicts with our county landfill's work schedule. Since I live out on a rural route with a private garbage collection service, there is no recycling services offered by this company and they do not plan to implement anything. So, to all those in favor of mandatory recycling who chose to vilify those on this website who are not, just consider that it is not that simple for some of us. For me to comply with this law, I would have to turn my back yard into something resembling the county landfill, and then take a day off from work and therefore lose pay every so often to load it all up and transport. If the state wants to do this, then they should be running a truck to pick it all up.


I think this could be a good idea but if it is going to be enforced consumers need to be given recycling bins or someone should have to come pick it up just life our regular trash and most cities have both types.

Recycling regulations

This will be a very tough regulation to enforce. Way too many people just throw it in the trash or on the side of the road & never recycle anything. I take mine to UNCW cause it's the closest to my house & that's 8 miles away. When you go after the folks breaking this regulation how about going after all the smokers who break the law every single day and litter our roadways, beaches and land with their butts. I see it every single day smokers throwing their butts out the car windows. DISGUSTING!! Just think of all the money our police dept. would make just by enforcing this one law. It's against the law to litter. There is such an invention as smokeless ashtrays-my aunt uses one.

butts on the highway

I agree and I smoke. I use a bottle or put out the fire and put the butt in my pocket until I find a trash can. Yeah, it smells, but at least I own it. Big picture, though is that the govt. is making everything illegal! They are getting you, when they have you out getting someone else! United We Stand, Divide We Fall.... Let's see that's skinny vs. fat Dems vs. Reps Black vs. White White vs. everybody else Christian vs. Non-Christian Smokers vs. Non-smokers Crips vs. Bloods Rappers vs. everybody else Country vs. City Gay vs. Straight Vegans vs. Carnivores Parents vs. non-parents Rich vs. Poor Did I miss anyone? Come on people, it's so important they put it on our MONEY! E Pluribus Unum...


It makes me sad to think people would consider not following this new law simply because no one will come and pick up or pay them for their plastic. I do not live in city limits and have always driven my recycling to a drop off location and have been glad to do it. We just recently signed up with Mr. Green, a very affordable option. For $10. a month our recycling is picked up curbside. I consider recycling a civic duty and hope my children see the value in taking care of our planet and reducing waste. We live in a lazy, gluttoness society and I hope that changes with future generations starting now.


where do you take plastic bottles, cardboard, paper and other things that can be recycled?

civic duty

Yes, recycling was a civic duty but now it is the law. Recycling takes effort but my two plastic soda bottles a week aren't anything compared to the waste from the corporations and institutions in New Hanover County that could be recycled. This green initiative needs to stop. Next, we'll all be forced to switch to CFL lightbulbs that are noticeably dimmer, drive electric cars (that still have to be charged off the power grid) that die after 20 miles, and carry around a plant to exhale on so we don't release the dangerous carbon dioxide (or are we trying to kill off all the plants by making carbon dioxide a bad thing).

Civic Duty

I do my civic duty by eating lots of steak, thereby reducing methane emissions.


you go...FOR THE makes it feel good...doesn't it. Since you don't mind..let me give you my address and I will toss my recyclables out for you to pick up...since your a good Samaritan and all...BTW...still enjoying that gasoline powered car of yours? How about the rubber tires?...Plasticware in your you enjoy that to?

Used oil filters

Is there a local place to recycle used oil filters? I change the oil in my vehicles and don't want the trash police to come get me.


provide me with a FREE way to set the stuff aside and let you pick it up....or I'll just ignore this green silliness.

Since we are providing

Since we are providing industry free materials, I think it is only fair that consumers be paid for the materials that they turn in for recycling.

New recycling regulations set to go into effect

Do you think that they will give us bigger recycling bins? My recycle bin already over flows every wweek.

recycling bins

If you are a City of Wilmington customer you can set your extra recycling out in another container right next to your bin - even in a cardboard box & they will pick it up. By recycling I was able to get a smaller trash can so my bill actually went down since the city doesn't charge extra to recycle. They tried to do the mandatory recycling thing where I moved here from & learned very quickly that it wouldn't work when they started seeing bags of trash left on the side of the road because people weren't sure what could be recycled or didn't know where to take it.


Long, long, long overdue. These laws need to be federal.


me guess...your a tree hugging bunny lover....NO the laws DON'T need to be federal...if the county provided me with a FREE no hassle way to dispose of the plastic...Oh..I don't know like a FREE BIN and FREE pickup...I might could bother myself with it...I am too busy with more important things in my life and my family to jump on the green bandwagon and tramps all over town separating my trash. When we look back on this whole green crap in 20's going to be funny.

Nope Feds need to stay out

Nope Feds need to stay out of it. The state needs to regulate.

Sure....make it a federal law....

Let's just pretend that the Tenth Amendment doesn't exist.


YOU JUST RUINED IT COMMON...Americans are SUPPOSED to just do what their told man...NOT THINK! You just made the black list man!

They're going to make it

They're going to make it illegal to throw out plastic and not give out recycle bins? That's absolutely ridiculous.

At least we can still

At least we can still litter. Seriously though, this is just another symptom of an over reaching govt desparate for any control they can get their dirty paws on. Maybe we can fight unemployment by hiring people to nose through garbage. That's a skill set destined for a life of government work.

just thinking

I think this is a very good thing BUT........... they have not shone me any planing for this to happen. What are we going to do with our waste. Who is going to pick it up? Or where are we to drop it off?? This is a mess going to happen, where is the plan??????? I worked in a recycle plant, for Dupont, it can or could be a good thing but where is the plan who is going to take in the the waste and what are they going to do with it?? This time I truely think we have the horse ahead of the buggy.. good idear but bad planning! would love to see this work.

So what do I do with my plastic bottles?

Throw them out onto Market Street under cover of darkness? Burn them in the back yard? As long as I have to pay extra to recycle, the state can kiss my non-recycling fanny! They'll go in the garbage with the rest of the trash.


It's about the future of our world and your offspring. By breaking the law, you will be no better than an illegal immigrant. Go back to New York where you belong.


Why do you assume that the person who posted that is from New York? Quit being ignorant. It doesn't make you look any more superior when you say stupid stuff like that. (maybe its a southern thing... :P

Because He Is From New York

...or at least he professes to be dum-dum. Point is, a law breaker is a law breaker. He also is the "common sense" cop who frequently touts a very self righteous opinion. Sometimes he is very right, in this case, he is no better than any other soon to be law breaker. I have nothing against New Yorkers (or anyone else). Just please try to fit in and not so abrasive.