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New school year brings headaches for middle schoolers, families

READ MORE: New school year brings headaches for middle schoolers, families

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- School is back in session, and for many middle school students, that means a new school and a longer commute thanks to the county's redistricting plan. Kids from the Carriage Hills subdivision off 17th St. Extension used to attend Myrtle Grove Middle School, just a couple miles from their homes, but thanks to redistricting, the students now have to ride the bus downtown to Williston Middle School.

"It's the biggest hassle ever, and we moved here because of the schools, and now they've changed them and just totally messed us up," parent Stephanie Langley said. "I mean, we're thinking about moving."

Langley is now a full-time chauffeur for her four kids, but it means her daughter gets to stay at Myrtle Grove Middle.

"For her to have to move her last year of middle school just is ridiculous. Ridiculous." Langley said. Langley put up a big fight with the school board and she finally won. "I had to appeal it three times to finally get them to let her stay, and only because the younger three have medical problems was I able to let her stay."

But most parents were not that lucky, like Adam Alphin.

"It's not what I would have liked to break up her middle school life and have to go to another school, but we live in this neighborhood, and we can't really easily move, so we're going to support whatever school she goes to," Alphin said. His daughter Yumi is making the best of it.

"Really excited, but a little bit nervous," Yumi said about changing schools. "I'm going to make some new friends."

Although the bus was a half hour late on the first day, Alphin says the changes won't keep his daughter from getting a good education.

"It's important to be involved, and I think as long as we're involved in her school and really communicating with her teachers, then she's going to be fine," he said.

Several parents in the Carriage Hills subdivision have decided to home school their kids instead of sending them to Williston Middle School.

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And that's where wake county

And that's where wake county prevailed by reclaiming neighborhood school districts. So you go to school where you live. Really simple, makes sense, and for no real reason makes "William Barber" that guy mad.

We already did this

Anybody remember Brown vs. Board of Education? It was fought so children could go to the school closest to their homes, not being bussed across town. Now we are doing the same thing by bussing children for 30 to 40 minute rides when there is a neighborhood school usually within a few miles. Who wants to be fill in the blank Vs. New Hanover Board of Education?

I have been saying this

I have been saying this since the beginning of this whole mess. Good luck getting anyone to listen.

school lottery and luck

It is important to be involved in your child's education. Unfortunately the school board has no regard for the majority of student's school experience or education, preferring to listen only to a minority of parents...
I find it ridiculous that a child can't attend a school less than 2 miles from his or her home. We challenged this 3 times, had meetings with school board members, and got nowhere. Even though the new school's low ratings for testing were on the internet, and I mentioned this to the board members, I was informed that the school my child was being moved to was a good school, and had many fine programs. A couple of weeks ago we received a letter explaining that the new school did not "pass" it's requirements. Thanks for nothing Board of Education...