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New state laws now in effect

READ MORE: New State Laws Now in Effect
More than 40 new state laws went into effect this weekend. Two aim to prevent underage drinking. Alcohol inhalers -- devices that transform liquor into a mist -- are now illegal in North Carolina. That means selling and using the devices are no longer permitted. Also, adults who serve alcohol to minors could lose their driver's licenses, even if the minor does not get behind the wheel. Bikers no longer have to wait out sensory traffic lights at intersections. Some signals are designed to change when they detect vehicles. The problem is they don't always detect motorcycles. "It's a great thing because the bike will not trigger the light and you wind up sitting at a light forever," said local motorcycle rider Chris Chandler. "You almost have to wait for a car to get beside you to trigger it." After three minutes bikers can now cross the intersection if they think it's safe. Legislators also hope to keep drug dealers farther away from kids. Dealers will be slapped with a class E felony if they're caught selling drugs within one thousand feet of schools and parks. State Senator Julia Boseman (D-9) co-sponsored the law. "Particularly with some of the areas downtown that are caught between these school districts and there's a lot of drug sales going on there, this would hopefully get them out of these areas," Boseman said. Another law aimed at keeping kids safe bans school bus drivers from using cell phones while operating school buses. They'll be fined at least $100 if they're caught. Those driving without a license can now have their picture taken if they're given a ticket. Legislators say the measure will help prevent identity theft. Finally, penalties for harming animals have become more severe. Starving an animal to death is now a class A1 felony. Killing or seriously injuring a police dog is now a class H felony. These laws were all finalized and approved in the last legislative session that ended this past spring. They're all effective as of yesterday. Another set of laws will go into effect January 1, 2008.

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Here's a novel idea

If you are in this country illegally, you receive nothing free. No medical (unless it's a real emergency) No free school, WIC, AFDC, Housing or Driving privileges. Do these politicians have nothing better to do than make more laws for legal citizens? Illegals and Thomas Wright thumb their nose at current laws now.

Yes,Yes,Yes I agree with

Yes,Yes,Yes I agree with every word.


Let's first round up the illegals and adress the violent crime rate in New Hanover County, NC before we (tht's you LEA)consider adressing another GOD fearing taxpayer in anyway about anything. Yes, that is right. Continue selectively enforcing the law, just focus on real criminals.

Who cares??? The laws in

Who cares??? The laws in this country do not apply anymore. Illegal aliens get away with whatever they want and I am not going to follow any rules ever again until the illegal immigrants are dealt with.

This is not the attitude to

This is not the attitude to take, we must abide by the laws until we can get them changed.

Nanny Government

Who is our government to say that if a parent gives their 20 year old daughter/son a glass of wine at dinner they will take the parents drivers license. This is ridiculous. It should be up to the parent and their son or daughter, after all it is a 20 year old, someone that could be in the military or could be on death row...