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New tobacco regulations may be ticket to quit

READ MORE: New tobacco regulations may be ticket to quit
So how are the new regulations on tobacco being received here? Smokers NewsChannel 3 spoke with said they understand looking out for people's health. And while some do not necessarily agree with how the president is going about these new regulations, they said the law may be the ticket to help them quit. Bryon Cmar has been smoking cigarettes for ten years and said he wants to quit. The new tobacco regulations signed into law Monday may be the extra push he needs. Among the new regulations is banning certain flavors of cigarettes. Cmar only lights up menthols, and said if it would ever come down to banning those, he would kick the habit. "I don't have any big problems with the regulations, but if the menthol wasn't there, I probably wouldn't smoke," he said. Alyssa Shelton also only smokes menthols. She supports larger warning signs and other preventative measures to protect kids, but her support ends with restricting the sale of certain kinds of tobacco. "It's going to make people lose money, like the cigarette stores around town,” she said. “A lot of people are going to quit smoking, probably including me." While she does want to quit eventually, Shelton said she doesn't want to be forced to do so by the government. "I want to be able to quit on my own terms and not because I have to, because it's too expensive or because they're just taking away the kinds of cigarettes I like to smoke." Advocates of the bill said it will help save some of the 400,000 people who die from smoking related illness in the US each year. Cmar added, "If you can stop kids from smoking, I don't think that that's a bad thing. It's bad for the ones of us that do smoke, but if we can stop a habit then why not?"

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It isn't easy, but well worth it!!!

Last Saturday was my 4th anniversary of quitting smoking, a day I'll always remember and be proud of. I just made my mind up to quit and got into a rigorous fitness routine which quickly made me realize how bad of shape I was in. I have my stamina, wind and strength back better than ever. Quitting smoking was by far the best thing I've ever done for myself! So, put 'em down for good, walk away and go break a serious sweat for an hour a day. You'll wonder why you didn't do it years ago!

Don't forget

Also don't forget about the extra coin in your pocket that isn't going up in smoke.

I hope alcohol is next

I stopped smoking 30 years ago. However, I could go out and smoke a pack and drive. I am hoping alcohol is next. You hear about the health problems from smoking and there are just as many from drinking. How many people are killed each year by drunk drivers. So, lets get on the band wagon and push for higher taxes on Alcohol and the same regulation as tobacco. Also, they advertise all over the place also, trying to bring in the young people. When was the last time you saw an older person in a beer commerical?

I wouldn't go that far!!!

Under no circumstances would I or anyone in their sane mind want any new taxes on anything!!! Taxes are no deterrent in reglating the consumption of tobacco or alcohol. Don't forget..TAXES ARE FOREVER! Common sense (not the one that posts here) and a little stick-tooitiveness from a personal standpoint is the only thing that regulates the use of these two drugs. Never, EVER wish for more taxes on the souls of this state!!!


Well said. Wonder when the state will go after alcohol. Wait a minute - doesn't the state run the ABC stores? Conflict of interest? Just asking!


who will save the families of the people that get put out of work because the government has said that people as a hole are not smart and need to be told what to do or not do with our own bodies. I do not smoke never have but i have a problem with the fact that there are so many unemployed people and now your going to take more jobs away because tobacco companies will not be able to pay people to work for them cause your making it harder to sell what they need to pay the people that work for them. Its a sad day in America when we as people can not say what we want to do with our own bodies. I think it was in china that if you where over weight they charged you a "fat" tax until you where the right weight.... does not sound that far away, next they will say that you can not eat fast food cause they cause you to be over weight, say good bye to Roland McDonald and the Berger King 'king' oh and the happy meals cause good lord they only make you unhealthy and unhappy. People wake up.

Agree with don't start!

Quiting is so difficult.. Staying stopped is sometimes even harder... Nicotine.. The chemical that makes that smoke "feel good.." Did you know that the amount of nicotine in most cigarettes rose an average of almost 10 percent from 1998 to 2004? Addiction to nicotine is a chronic, physical, relapsing disorder. Nicotine is naturally found in tobacco.. However armed with the knowledge that NICOTINE IS PHYSICALLY ADDICTIVE... Big tobacco shouldn't be sued only for deaths.. They should be sued to provide nicotine therapy replacement for anyone that wants to stop smoking. THEY knowingle added nicotine to increase addiction.. THEY should pay.... Especially for those who are still battling addiction to nicotine that were coerced at an early age by ol Joe Camel to start in the first place....

So you're telling me these

So you're telling me these people were force fed nicotine at an early age. No sir, these people made their own choice. My grandfather died from smoking, but I don't blame the tobacco companies. They never put the first cig in his hand. Suing the tobacco companies is just another example of the people of this country refusing to take blame and be held accountable for their own actions.

Did they hold a gun to your head?

I smoked for twenty-seven years. Not once did I light one up and say, "Man-oh-man, this is SOOOO good for me!" You knew what you were doing. Take responsibility for your own actions and quit trying to displace blame on companies selling a legal product while still warning you that it was a dangerous product. Since the MSA of 1998, cigarettes have carried a warning stating that they are addictive. You can read, can't you?

Flavored Cigarettes...

So they are doing away with all menthol ciggs? Not proud to say, but I've been smoking Salem Lights for 31 years now, never switched once to any other brand. I've tried several times to quit, because everyone and all the ads tell me I need to. I'll probably be forced to quit if menthol isn't available. I say to anyone reading this if you have never smoked,DON'T START! It is one of the hardest, nastiest, habits to break and probably more addictive than heroin. The withdrawals can be overwhelming. It's the ONE thing in my life I regret ever doing!! Best of luck to anyone contiplating quitting. Sincerely.