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New traffic enforcement initiative will concentrate on various violations

The kick-off for a new traffic enforcement program is taking place Tuesday afternoon. The new initiative is called Wilmington AWARE, or Area-Wide Aggressive Road Enforcement. The Wilmington Police Department, New Hanover County Sheriff's Office and North Carolina Highway Patrol will be involved. Each quarter of the year will have a specific theme for enforcement. Officers will continue to enforce all violations, but this will give officers an opportunity to also concentrate on a specific violation, such as aggressive driving and driver and passenger safety.

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First of all, if you keep a

First of all, if you keep a safe following distance, most turns made without a signal will not be a problem. I hope they do crack down on tailgaters.

Looting the common man for more of his hard earned $$$$

i hope you all understand that this has nothing to do with safety This initiative is only about increasing revenue for the state and is basically just another way our government uses its citizens as an ATM. Just keeping the fancy metermaids in a job that is paid for by the people who are being taken advantage of. Reminds me of the mafia business model >>being forced to pay the wages of the men that steal money from you in the form of tickets and higher insurance rates. Hey local government and so called police thanks a lot

"looting the common man"

This is a classic example of how Law Enforcement Officers can't win. The recent article in the local paper blasted LEO for the fact that 30 people in NHC have died on our streets. "We need more law enforcement...."We need more police presence" So what does LEO do? They put together an operation to cause awareness. Do they get a thank you? An attaboy? Heck no. They get more of the same old griping that they always do. I'll say again one more time, it's not LEO's fault that we're killing each other on the road way.


How's this....don't break the law and you won't have to worry about it

Way to Go, LEO!

Thank you in advance for your efforts to curb aggressive driving. Those of us who are getting cut off and harrassed on the roads by speeding, reckless drivers are grateful!

cell phones

i hate seeing someone talking on cell phone and trying to drive,these people should be tickted also.I have had so many near wrecks because of someone texting or talking on cell.


and I hate people that listen to radios while they drive, talk to their peers while they drive, chew gum while they drive, smoke while they drive...should I continue my list?

Instead of harassing all the

Instead of harassing all the skilled drivers on the road, why don't you teach people in this town how to drive?! Maybe how to use their turn signals or go the speed limit perhaps! And by the way the speed limit on Eastwood road is 55 mph.

poor driving habits

I wish law enforcement would crack down on people who go slower than 5 mph below the posted speed limit and don't use turn lanes or turn signals. These are the people who cause accidents because everyone is having to try and avoid them!

Reckless driving

Driving recklessly does not always mean speeding,etc. What about those folks who drive with a pet on their lap, those eating, combing their hair or putting on eye makeup, boom box radios that shake your body. Yesterday while waiting for light on Market St. and Gordon Road, a young lady was eating a yogurt and talking on her cell phone. How about all those folks who cover their tags so they can't be read. Who does the law enforcement officers not stop any of the aforementioned and give them tickets for reckless driving? They see it every day!! I drive a full size SUV...not because I like to spend money on gas, but for the maximum protection I can get from the idiots on the road. It's like having an insurance policy!

don't forget

Don't forget about the people that blow straight through an intersection while in the right turn lane, or the drive down the turn lane for three blocks before their turn.

How about

How about cracking down on all the people who throw their cigarette butt's out the window? That aggravates me almost as much as seeing moms and dads smoking in their car with kids with the windows rolled up. Also, can we enforce that car companies sell their cars with the turn-signal packages? It seems I'm one of only 2-3 people in town who use turn signals.

I couldn't agree with you

I couldn't agree with you more about turn signals not being used. Throwing cigarette butts out the window is littering. Why aren't smokers being fined for littering. I can't tell you how many idiots in the Wilmington area do not use their turn signals. They should be ticketed as well.

go here

Save this link on your cell phone if you have Internet (thanks again al gore) and you can enter in the info so the offender will get a warning letter. Just don't do it while driving, get the tag and do it when safe. Swat a litterbug or enter this


I wish they would go down Sloop point road in Hampstead, on the back side that runs behind Topsail Green. People think it is a race track, pass in no passing zones Please look into this area,