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New waterproof case lets you take electronics in water

READ MORE: New waterproof case lets you take electronics in water
Now you really can bring your cell phone everywhere with you, including the ocean. A local company says it's found a way to call home from the water. Wilmington based company Dry Corp develops medical equipment like this rubber vacuum seal you can put over a cast so you can swim with a broken arm. Now, they've come up with a waterproof case for your i-Pod or cell phone. "It allows you to use the touch screen, take and make calls, text message, e-mail, it's also clear on both sides so you can take pictures through it if you're using a camera or a camera phone,” said co-creator Corey Heim. What keeps your electronics dry is the vacuum seal, once you pump all the air out, it's safe to put it in the water. A removable lanyard and armband keep it attached during physical activity. Waterproof headphones allow you to listen to music or make a phone call. But not everyone's convinced... "I think I would be a little nervous about putting it in a bag and putting it in the water,” said Yvonne Griffin. Eric howland hit the surf to give it a try. "If you had both earphones in you couldn't really hear what was going on around you so it might not be good to be dropping in on people, people wouldn't really hear you." If you have a blackberry, you can't control the mouse inside the bag, but for people like McClean Seward, the dry case is a lifesaver. "I'm always on the water, I work on the water, use it for my I-Phone, digital camera, it's great for kayak fishing, everything like that, you never have to worry about getting it wet." The dry case costs $35. The waterproof headphones are separate; they're about $23, so you're looking at about $60 for both. They're available at local surf shops and beach stores or online at

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I have a DryCase and at first was a little skeptical. So skeptical that I did my own testimonial with it. I put post-it notes into the case, vacuum-sealed it, and fully submerged it under water for a few hours. It completely worked, and now I use it every time I'm at the beach with my iPhone. It's a perfect way to take pictures, keep sand from scratching the phone, and of course, to keep water away from the phone. I LOVE IT! Such a great, innovative product. I completely suggest you trying one out.


Zip-lock bags cost about $3.00 for 15. Use duct tape to make sure the zipper doesn't move. Fishermen have been doing it forever.


Okay, this does it. It is bad enough that I can't even go to a restaurant, grocery store, hospital or other places without having to listen to someone chattering away on their phone, now if I go to the beach or a pool, they will be in the water with it too? Give me a break!!!! It sounds good for those fishing or out on boats and not wanting to lose their phone to water damage, but just for someone who wants to chat incessantly? I think not. People, you are not that important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can see using the phone for emergency purposes, or to ask a question, but unfortunately I have had to listen to people carry on sometimes personal conversations (I always wonder if the person on the other end knows that their personal business is being broadcast in a restaurant, etc)! You can tell me that I can move, but why should I? If I am sitting at a table in the restaurant, and you choose to carry on a personal conversation, who should move? Me - I think not!!! Take yourself outside!!!! A warning to others also - I happened to be in Shallotte at a clothing store and a young woman came in and stayed on the cell phone the whole time I was there. I was in the dressing room so it wasn't like I could walk away at the time, and people, I have never heard such language and nasty talk about a person in my life. She was telling someone on the other end about her best friend, and she was not speaking nicely about her either. I finished trying on clothes and got out of there as fast as I could. I was fed up with hearing it. I don't know who her friend was, but I sure felt sorry for her!

Where is the...

Where is the relevance of your comment? Your babbling mumbo jumbo does nothing to even touch on or add any feed back to this story. You wasted 2 minutes of my life that I will NEVER get back. I usually read to see what others think of most topics. In the case of this story, it appears you have nothing to offer but some tirade of trivial non information. ***On a side note, why does the moderator of all these forums, prevent most of my posts, but let these morons post things that have no meaning and in the end retard the rest of the world from gaining anything positive from them.*** Oh well.


You are right - I was kind of rambling, but at least mine got on there! You might want to find out why your doesn't, and something tells me from the tone of your response, that maybe you aren't a very nice person and perhaps they don't want your messages.