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A new worm infecting computers at an alarming rate

READ MORE: A new worm infecting computers at an alarming rate
A new computer worm has infected 20 million computers worldwide, and it is spreading fast. The worm goes by several names: "Downandup", "Down ad up" and "Conficker" are some of the most popular, and it's very deceiving. A window will pop up warning you of an infection on your computer, but when you try to pay for an antivirus to fix it, it actually steals your credit card information, further infecting your computer. Some experts say it could be the worst infection in six years, and it's easy to fall for. Computer technician Robert Nash said, "It looks legit. And unless people are savvy about it or study it, it's easy to be pulled into it." "It went from 2.4 million infected machines to 8.9 million infected machines in 24 hours, which makes it one of the fastest spreading viruses out there today,” said Joe Kadar a computer technician. It spreads by infiltrating your flash drive. Once you get the virus on the flash drive and it infects the machine that you're on, it will infect every machine on your network from there." Kim Czornik, a radio personality for 106.7 the Penguin, relies on her computer for song requests and website updates. Her computer developed a virus, making her workday very difficult. “I went online to use my computer, and it just seems possessed to be quite honest." Experts recommend updating anti-virus programs and eventually the worm will die out.

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1) Joe Kadar a computer technician. He only been working on computers for 3 years. yourcomputerfriends and friendlycomputers are not your friends. 2) CapeFear Computer Center they need the Rebel Flag outside their new office. not cool I'm not judgeing this is what me and my wife seen. Don't buy any software that say's "you have a secerty problem" "your infected" etc.. I guess we are the dum one's we bought the thing and had countless problems. Finaly we found a good small business that fixed our computers. wilmingtoncomputers fixed our computers

antivirus 2009

I am not pushing any software on anyone !! At work we have 8 pcs all 8 had the virus called "rogue.antivirus 2009" At home we have 2 pcs and they too had "rogue.antivirus 2009" I spent 2 days searching for software to remove the virus..what I did find out is that this virus seems to start out as malware. So I downloaded a program called "Malwarebytes" and I have now cleaned all 10 of the pcs from antivirus 2009... I'm not pushing the product..but it did work for me on all 10 pcs

Who in their right mind

Who in their right mind would pay for a pop-up anti-virus software because it says your computer is infected with a virus. If you are dumb enough to do this then you deserve to have your computer infected

A simple answer to viruses on your computer

The simple answer is don't use Windows, there's no need to risk it. Install Linux the Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex is as easy as it gets. Copy an iso of Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex from Burn it to disk and run the disk. Install Ubuntu and the 7 questions (like what is your name) (having first saved your work and personal files on a USB). Off you go. It's free, and automatically updates your computer. Never have to deal with those awful Microsoft patches again or run a virus checker.

"Don't use Windows" -

"Don't use Windows" - unfortunately this answer *still* doesn't fly easily. Of all the hardware I have (spanning some 20 years) only one computer has any shot at all of running any Ubuntu (desktop anyway). And it doesn't run the sound. The best answer I've found yet is to run any of the various Linux flavors in a virtual machine. That works quite well, but you still run Windows on the host. Things are looking up - document compatibility is far less an excuse now than a few years ago, but Windows still offers far more document compatibility between various programs than any Linux (Mac included). It's simple: there are way more Windows developers than Linux developers. Another unfortunate Linuxism is in fact updates: they're CONSTANT. Far more intrusive than Microsoft's occasional updates. Nearly the first thing I have to do when Ubuntu starts up is install updates. Usually several, sometimes hundreds. After a few days it's the same story: more updates. Finally, if you think Linux is immune to viruses think again. Not even close. The problem exists for all platforms. It's most visible on Windows simply because most desktops are Windows, and it really doesn't take much to write a Windows worm or virus. No, the only easy answer is to become informed. If one doesn't want to learn how to practice safe hex then one will eventually be infected with something or other. The fun days of the global network are long, LONG gone. It's now just another PITA.


Linux is far more secure and stable, and there is a distribution for everyone.


Personally I prefer Max OSX though you do have to run updates. The biggest issue with Linux is so few people are familiar with it, but not doubt it does run better. I just use OSX for convenience


It IS that easy for some of us...but for the MAJORITY of computer users..any flavor of Linux...just won't cut it. Unfortunately, even with software that will run Windows's just a pain in the rear for most users to switch to Linux