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New Year's Eve car chase lands one man in jail

Law enforcement agencies stayed busy throughout New Year's night. The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office made seven DWI arrests in routine traffic stops. Three of those cases were turned over to Highway Patrol because they involved accidents. The Wilmington Police Department, Highway Patrol, and Brunswick County DWI numbers are not yet available. At least one DWI arrest made by Wilmington Police is known, because of its unusual circumstances. An off-duty officer was on his way home around 3:30 a.m. when he saw a car run two lights on Market Street, at an estimated 100 miles per hour. He led the officer on a bit of a chase, and finally stopped. The driver was so intoxicated he passed out after he was arrested. He faces charges of careless and reckless driving, felony to elude arrest, and DWI.

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Come on Police guys! If you

Come on Police guys! If you can nail them on New can nail them 24/7!! This sort of mess goes on all the time around here with red light runners/no license/driving under the influence/weaving in and out of traffic/tail gating/ you name it...we got it! It doesn't take New Years Eve or anything else to celebrate to find nutso cases on the roads here. It would be nice for people to behave when they drive in Wilmington in fear of getting a ticket instead of being care free with their driving habits. Remember...we are highly ranked in the state of NC for most likely getting hurt in a traffic accident. Beef it Up!!!

Newspapers don't report on

Newspapers don't report on every day DWI's so it's not easily known. I wonder how many DWI's a deputy get's on a weekend night shift?