Congress sends NSA phone collection bill to president
Congress has sent legislation to the president reviving and remaking a disputed post-9/11 surveillance program two days after letting it temporarily expire. Tue, 06/02/2015 - 5:15pm
FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Pruden paying for own legal fees
As the defamation lawsuit against former Brunswick County Schools Superintendent Edward Pruden goes through the court process, we've learned who is going to pay for the legal fees. Tue, 06/02/2015 - 4:37pm
Cold Storage Groundbreaking Picture
New cold storage facility at port to bring 100+ jobs
The Port of Wilmington is adding something new to its facility, and officials say it will bring more than 100 jobs to the area. Tue, 06/02/2015 - 3:52pm
Gov. Pat McCrory talks with supporters at the ground breaking for a cold storage facility at the Port of Wilmington on June 2, 2015. McCrory did not take questions from reporters.
Day after senate veto override vote, governor dodges reporters
Gov. Pat McCrory dodged questions from reporters after events in Wilmington and Raleigh today a day after the Senate voted to override McCrory's veto on a controversial bill on gay marriage in the state. Tue, 06/02/2015 - 7:15pm
JUDGE: Jail or walk 30 miles for stiffing cabbie
An eccentric Ohio judge told a scofflaw teen to take a hike -- and walk 30 miles for stiffing a cabbie for a ride of the same length or face 30 days in the slammer. Tue, 06/02/2015 - 7:00pm
State Port of Wilmington
Port money bill at standstill
The Port of Wilmington was looking at millions from the state but Port officials say that bill is dead. The subsidy was proposed in Senate Bill 217. Tue, 06/02/2015 - 6:22pm
Lawsuit filed against new pet cemetery owners (Photo by Matt Born/StarNews)
Preliminary injunction saves pet’s graves for now
Dozens of grave sites are safe for now, after the property owner of Walden Pond Pet Cemetery told pet owners they had 90 days to dig up their pets before he develops that land. The pet owners filed a lawsuit against the owner in April. Their attorney Gary Shipman says on Monday a judge entered a preliminary injunction restraining the owner from requiring that anyone move graves or prohibiting anyone from visiting until a decision is made. Tue, 06/02/2015 - 6:08pm
N. Topsail dredging should make deadline
Town officials said a beach re-nourishment project that had to be extended due to weather and equipment delays should be completed by the end of the extension. Tue, 06/02/2015 - 4:57pm
(Photo: NFL/Rick Osentoski/MGN)
Goodell makes it official: He will hear Brady’s appeal
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made it official Tuesday: He will hear Tom Brady's appeal of his four-game suspension. Tue, 06/02/2015 - 4:48pm
Sunset Beach calls bonds on Jaguar’s Lair
The town of Sunset Beach is calling more than $3-million in bonds due for the still unfinished Jaguar's Lair development. The town has been in mediation with the development's owners, tying to work something out, but leaders say they have been unable to reach an agreement. Tue, 06/02/2015 - 4:04pm