Christmas Travel
Christmas travelers come home via planes, trains, automobiles and buses
Submitted by Asha Dave on Fri, 12/23/2011 - 4:55pm.

video While grandma's cookies and great presents are waiting over the river and through the woods, you've got to get through the traveling to get the good stuff.

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Paying more at the pump for holiday travel
Submitted by WWAY on Wed, 12/23/2009 - 4:25pm.

If you are planning to hit the road to get to your Christmas vacation you will be spending more at the pump than last year.

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Bringing presents on flights can be a costly expense
Submitted by WWAY on Wed, 12/17/2008 - 5:51pm.

With many airlines charging fees for each checked bag, people are thinking twice about how they will transport Christmas presents this year.

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