President Barack Obama speaks at the Islamic Society of Baltimore on Feb. 3, 2016. (Photo: Pool/CNN)
2 days ago
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Obama sends Congress record $4.1 trillion 2017 spending plan

President Barack Obama sent Congress on Tuesday his eighth and final budget, proposing to spend a record $4.1 trillion on a number of initiatives. They include launching a new war on cancer, combating global warming and fighting growing threats from ISIS terrorists.
(Photo: James Gathany/CDC/MGN)
3 days ago
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White House asks Congress for $1.8B to fight Zika virus

The Obama administration is requesting $1.8 billion in emergency funding from Congress to fight the Zika virus in the United States and abroad, the White House announced today.
Vice President Joe Biden applauds President Barack Obama as House Speaker Paul Ryan looks on during the president's State of the Union address on Jan. 12, 2016. (Photo: Pool/ABC)
1 week ago
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Price tag for Biden cancer ‘moonshot’ at $1B in Obama budget

President Barack Obama will ask Congress for $755 million for cancer research in next year's budget, bringing the total price tag for Vice President Joe Biden's cancer initiative to $1 billion.
Robert McDonald
3 weeks ago
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VA chief to Congress: You can’t fire your way to excellence

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald is pushing back against claims by members of Congress that the VA has not fired enough people to turn around the scandal-plagued agency.
US House District 7 candidate Mark Otto
4 weeks ago
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Rouzer’s GOP challenger visits Port City

A former Congressional district Republican Party chairman is running for tHe 7th District US House seat. Thursday he was in Wilmington.
1 month ago
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Obama’s State of Union proposals often hit wall in Congress

President Barack Obama will go before Congress on Tuesday night with his final State of the Union speech and prospects are bleak for big agreements.
1 month ago
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Obama vetoes bill to repeal signature health care law

President Barack Obama has vetoed legislation to repeal his signature health care law.
Sheriff Ed McMahon discusses the impacts the DOJ's suspension of the Equitable Sharing Program will have on his office (Photo: Madison Morgan/WWAY).
1 month ago
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DOJ decision could impact your pockets

A federal decision to suspend a program may have an impact on local tax dollars.
Rep. David Rouzer (left) faces 2016 challenges from fellow Republican Mark Otto (center) and Democrat J. Wesley Casteen (right).
2 months ago
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Rouzer gets primary challenge, former foe changes party to run again

A Wilmington attorney and CPA is making another run for Congress, but he has switched parties to do it.
2 months ago
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Senate clears major new education bill, sends it to Obama

With an overwhelming show of support, the Senate has passed and sent to President Barack Obama a massive education bill that would return to the states significant control over school accountability and testing.