3 months ago
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Sheriff: 10 guns recovered from gang members

The Bladen County Sheriff's Office says it seized 10 weapons from known gang members in both Bladen and Robeson counties.
4 months ago
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WPD: Crime in Wilmington ‘historically low’

Wilmington Police say crime in the Port City is at its lowest rate in nearly a quarter century.
5 months ago
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Chicago Police: Majority of holiday weekend violence is gang-related

Chicago police say more than 40 people were shot over the holiday weekend and more than three dozen guns were seized.
6 months ago
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Wilmington gang member arrested after Shot Spotter alert

A Shot Spotter alert led to the arrest of an 18-year-old Wilmington gang member overnight.
12 months ago
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Jury picked for reputed gang head’s kidnap trial

Jurors are ready to start hearing the case of a reputed Bloods street gang leader who could spend the rest of his life in federal prison if convicted of orchestrating the intended kidnapping of the prosecutor who put him in state prison for life.
1 year ago
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Guard: Gangs are strong in South Carolina’s juvenile prison

An officer at a juvenile prison in Columbia told lawmakers that gangs are strong in the jail which has led to three riots in the past eight months.
1 year ago
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Out of control: The never-ending crime cycle

Police say offenders are committing crimes, getting out and then committing more crimes sometimes even more violent crimes.
1 year ago
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Point’s bond raised to $1M in gang stabbing

A judge today agreed to increase the bond for a Wilmington man wanted in connection to what investigators say was a gang-related stabbing.
1 year ago
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Castle Street business owner reacts to gang-related violence

Castle Street businesses are reacting tonight to nearby gang-related activity that left a teenager dead and four others wounded this weekend.
2 years ago
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Known gang member pleads guilty

A known gang member will spend at least two years behind bars. Kyeric Sweet, 22, of Rocky Point, pleaded guilty Wednesday to drug and assault charges.